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Boost your brain

Dr Helena Popovic explains how a single thought can change your brain for the better. 

Is this the secret to a long life?

Red wine is good for you. Don’t drink alcohol. Cut down on fat. Eat good fats. There’s lots of confusing advice out there about how to increase your chances of living a long and healthy life. 


Cholesterol myth busting

Confused about cholesterol, your diet and your health? Stephen Eddey, nutritionist, naturopath and Principal of Health Schools Australia, separates the facts from the fiction. 


Staying on your feet

Falling in old age is very common. It is known that about one in three older adults falls at least once every year and about a quarter of these falls result in substantial injuries requiring medical attention.


Arthritis can be debilitating. Here are some tips for keeping joint pain at bay all year round. 


How to look after your feet this winter

When winter rolls around, we’re quick to cover up our feet and forget they’re there. 


With a little help from your friends

Sunday 26 March was Neighbourhood Day, and this year’s theme is the importance of social connection for the elderly. 



Professor Sophia Zoungas and her team at Monash University are conducting a world-first clinical trial on STAtins in Reducing Events in the Elderly (STAREE). Statins are often prescribed by doctors to help lower cholesterol levels in the blood. 


Interview: How to look after your heart

February is Heart Month, and time to think about your cardiac health. We interviewed the author of Have You Planned Your Heart Attack? to find out what you can be doing to look after your heart. 

Stuck in the middle with you

The number of Australians who make up the sandwich generation – those who care for ageing parents while raising children – continues to increase. As a result, the demand for home care services is on the rise. 


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