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Guide to downloading digital vaccination certificate to your iPhone:


This is for people who are not yet linked between MyGov and Medicare:


MyGov is a simple and secure way to access online government services.

Click the link to open the website and enter in your MyGov login details and password.

Sign in to MyGov – you should receive a code to your mobile

Copy the code from the text by selecting the "From Messages" and it should paste the code in for you. If not go to your messages, noting the code and enter manually.

Click on the menu button in the top left corner.

Click the services drop down and scroll down to Medicare.

Select continue to link your Medicare – enter your Medicare card details


                     Now go to the next stage:


This is for people who already have My Gov linked to Medicare:

Please note that to complete the steps here you’ll need to have a myGov registration as well as Medicare and you’ll need to have linked your Medicare to MyGov.

Open your safari or web browsing app and search for myGov.  

Click the link to open the website

Enter in your MyGov login details and password.

Sign in to MyGov.

You should receive a text with a numerical code. Enter the code.

Scroll down to Proof of Covid-19 vaccination and click the Go to My Health Record.

Click on the Add to Apple Wallet – click accept

Click Add

Close out of Safari and click you Apple Wallet app.

You will see your certificate alongside any boarding passes, card etc you have in you wallet