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Below is an extract from our recent guest speaker, Elly Feitz (<[email protected] ), talk on recycling.

What can you collect:

All plastic lids, beer bottle tops, wine caps, aluminium ring pulls from drink cans, bread tags. Corks (for personal use1)

  • The lids that you can squeeze are good for the lid program. The harder and bigger ones go to schools and daycare for craft.
  • Beer bottle tops and wine caps are cashed in for money. Part of this money goes back in LIDS4KIDS (towards a new shredder machine) Other part goes to different charities.
  • Ring pulls are cashed in for money. That money goes to the Lions club. They support The Australian Lions Children’s Mobility Program and Spinal Injury Research Program.
  • Bread tags are passed on to the Bread tags for Wheelchair Program (Aussie Bread tags for Wheelchairs)
  • The tags are cashed in for money that goes toward providing wheelchairs in Africa
  • The good lids are going to different businesses to make sustainable goods. Lids4Kids are working with the people from PLASLINK. (ACT). Their task is to find new life for the lids

     There are already people that make goods with the lids. Like flowerpots and train tracks (exactly like the wooden ones)


Collection points:

  • 16 Stephen Road Engadine. (My address)
  • The laundrette behind Priceline
  • The Medical Centre behind Priceline


  • Please remove the white circle from the milk/juice lids. WASH and DRY the lids. You can place everything in ONE bag. I will check and sort.


  • I am the only collection point for the lids in the Sutherland Shire. I am in desperate need of sturdy boxes. Like the HELLO FRESH or MARLY SPOON ones.  If you know people who work in a daycare centre and get food delivered, please ask for the boxes. They are very strong and clean. I have no need for shoeboxes or smaller boxes.


  • I send the lids to the suburb of Cook in Canberra for storage until they can be used. If you know tradies or a business with a truck that is going that way and can take boxes with them that would be GREAT. Please ask around.


  • 1 Corks are for personal use. I run a fundraiser for my daughter in law. (She is a diabetic) Facebook page: Moniquesjourney1 There are photos of what I have made so far and the story why I do it)


Other Recycling Programs

Recycle Smart Sutherland. (This is a council program)

There is a free app you can download to help you with collection days etc ( Visit RecycleSmart App - Sutherland Shire Council (

Phone: 0413596016 (mon-fri 9-5pm) (for people who do not have a computer)


What we collect — RecycleSmart

You will find a list of items that they collect. Sign up (free) and you will get a bag with the paperwork. They come to your door and return your bags straight away. $2 per bag (like the green woollies one). If you subscribe monthly then your pick up is for free. (2 bags). They even remind you when they coming.

A few items that are on the list: e-waste, soft plastic, small batteries, wearable clothing, household light bulbs (LED’s, halogens, fluorescents) etc

They even keep a list of what you already have collected!

Blister packs (when all the tablets are removed) can be taken to Priceline for recycling.