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EFTPOS PAYMENTS – Transaction Fees

At all forthcoming meetings, you can make your payments either in cash or by EFT.

Transaction Fees: The EFTPOS machine used to process EFT payments was provided to the club by Tyro without charge, but instead, the company charges the club a fee of 1.8% on each transaction, which is billed to the club monthly.

The club will absorb this fee for smaller payments. At a 2023 meeting, the committee resolved that users pay the fee for transactions of $100.00 or greater. So by way of example, the fee for a $100 transaction would be $1.80. This fee will be added at the time of making the transaction.

COVID-19 Compliance

With the general lifting of government restrictions regarding COVID-19, attendees at meetings are asked to take personal responsibility for their own health and safety, and respect the health of others they come in contact with. Attendees are encouraged to adopt the protective measures that have been successful in the past. Please do not attend the meeting if you are in any way unwell.