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Meetings are held monthly at Black Head Surf Lifesaving Club, 9.45 for 10am, 1st Tuesday of the month, except January (no meeting).

Next Meeting

Next General Meeting - Tuesday, 2nd November 2021, 9:30 for 10:00am at the Black Head Surf Life Saving Club.

Acting President Lynette has proposed a Black and White theme for this meeting on Melbourne Cup Day. Members are encouraged to wear black and white to add to the atmosphere of the morning.

There will be a mock trial in lieu of a guest speaker, produced and directed by Treasurer Allison Maberly-Smith. Goldilocks and the Three Bears will be on trial for breaking and entering, malicious damage and petty theft! Will they be found guilty or not guilty?

When the meeting and mock trial is over, members will be free to 'do their own thing' for lunch on this big day in the country's sporting calendar. 

Previous Meetings

General Meeting - Tuesday, 12th October 2021

Thirty six members attended this meeting, held at the Kranky Goat Restaurant, Tallwoods Village, at 10:00am, plus one visitor, Deborah Raulfs, and two guests (speakers). Members were given tickets for the lucky door prizes to be draw later. Many attendees took advantage of Acting President Lynette's suggestion to wear the vibrant colours of Spring. Kranky Goat staff served morning tea at the tables as the meeting progressed.

Acting President Lynette mentioned an Albert Einstein quote as a theme for the meeting - learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow. Following routine meeting matters, Membership Officer Rhonda Gibson introduced a new member, Ruth Watson, who was welcomed into the fold by Acting President Lynette after a long waiting period caused by the COVID-19 lockdowns. Ruth indicated she was a member of a Probus Club in Sydney previously and enjoyed playing golf.

In place of the designated 10-minute speaker (Chistine Bates was unable to attend), Acting President Lynette asked members to workshop some ideas about what members would like going forward. Many ideas were put forward at the end of the 15-minute session, some new and some tried and tested, such as day trips including boat and ferry trips, picnics, lunches, extended tours involving up to two weeks, joint use of seniors/shores bus, car trial, movies with lunch, etc.  

The guest speaker, Bob Keenan, spoke on the subject 'Beekeeping in Spring'. Bob was accompanied by his wife, Jill. Bob and Jill donated three raffle prizes, with Jill drawing out the winning numbers. Follow the Guest Speakers tab for further information.

Darren and Greg from the Kranky Goat also donated a bottle of sparkling wine and a bottle of rose as a thank you for supporting the business following the lockdown. Activities Officer Marilyn Ewin acknowledged the Kranky Goat's donation and drew the winning numbers from the barrel. 

See Outings tab for information about the lunch that followed the meeting.


General Meetings July, August and September 2021

July, August and September General Meetings were cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

General Meeting - Tuesday, 1st June 2021

Thirty nine members attended this meeting, which opened with the Club Ambassador, Ian Campbell, explaining the unfortunate events which occurred last week that resulted in President Jack McDonald resigning from the Presidency. Ian advised that Vice President Lynette Hester would be chairing the meetings henceforth and welcomed her to the microphone.

Vice President Lynette then spoke on the subject of family, noting the recent passing of two members, Tony Knight ad Kim Green (see Bulletin 2021-06 for short obituary), and outlined that families grieve together, celebrate together, support each other, invoke loyalty and eat together, with these concepts applying not only to the families of those members who had passed, but also to the HP Probus family, which suffered a significant blow with the incidents last week.

Chairperson Lynette then welcomed a new member in Jillian Wood, a retired science teacher and university lecturer who recently retired to Hallidays Point.

Activities coming up in the near future were mentioned - Treasurer Allison Maberly-Smith calling for volunteers for a mock trial for the Three Bears to be held in August, and Christine Bates on behalf of Activities Officer Marilyn, reminding members of the Billabong Zoo trip. The bus, which is booked out, will depart from Halliday Shores at 8:30am on 15th June. Meeting time at the zoo is 10:00am.

The 10-minute speaker was Foundation Member, Allan Buckingham, who resurrected a speech he gave to Rotary 40 years ago, 'Have Homeland, Will Travel', a piece intended to encourage members to travel within Australia before going overseas, a message as pertinent today as it was back then.   

Guest presentation was by the 'Lions Pride', a 4-piece band formed by Hallidays Point Lions Club members, performed 1960s and 1970s music. See Guest Speakers for further report.

12 members attended the Hallidays Point Tavern for lunch after the meeting.



General Meeting - Tuesday, 4th May 2021

Forty one members attended this meeting at which President Jack was pleased to announce the appointments of two members to cover the vacant position of Secretary - Christine Bates as Minute Secretary and John Clucas as Secretary. President Jack also reported that he laid a wreath on behalf of members, prepared by member Marea Binskin, at the recent Anzac Day ceremony at the new Anzac Memorial at the Rock Pool.

Activities Officer, Marilyn Ewin, advised that the Billabong Zoo visit will take place on Tuesday, 15th June. Helen Bush advised that BBQ and Boules will be held at Black Head Reserve on Tuesday, 25th May. See the Outings page below for further details.

Vice President Lynette Hester then introduced the 'Objects of Travel' segment, during which five members presented artefacts collected from their overseas travels, except Tony Knight who sung the African version of the English nursery rhyme, 'Who Killed Cock Robin' and presented some memories of his trip to China, the highlight of which was a visit to the terracotta warriors site. This was followed by the artefact presentations - Mary Marshall (ivory artefacts from Kowloon, Hong Kong, purchased in 1960), Alan Bates (Mexican hat from Tijuana), Paul Vanderstelt (zebra rock sample from a mine near Lake Argyle) and Peter Hester (bottle of water from the Dead Sea collected 34 years ago).

President Jack then invited those present to enjoy the first morning tea in over 12 months and explained how to participate to ensure COVID restrictions were met.

Following morning tea, President Jack introduced the guest speaker, Ted Bickford OAM, who spoke about graffiti control in the region. Go to Guest Speakers tab for further information.


General Meeting - Tuesday, 6th April 2021 

This meeting was well-attended with President Jack McDonald in the chair for the first time following his election at the AGM last month.

Activities Officer, Marilyn Ewin, confirmed that the Wallis Lake cruise will be going ahead on 29th April and to contact her regarding attendance and payment. 

Vice President, Lynette Hester, in introducing the 10-minute speaker, advised that she has established a theme for this year's short presentations, this being Travel with a Purpose. 

The first in the series, Rhonda Gibson, presented a very interesting overview of her journey in August 2019 following the Way of St James in north-west Spain, a 6-day walking pilgrimage which commenced at Sarria, traversing 117 kms, and finishing at the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, where the remains of St James the Apostle are said to lie in rest.   

The guest speaker was Geoff Anderson, who provided an overview of two Australian Submarines of WW1 - the AE1 and the AE2. Go to Guest Speakers tab for further information



General Meeting - Tuesday, 2nd March 2021

53 members attended the general meeting, with President Pat Marshall presiding, and the AGM which followed.

Membership Officer, Sheila Capperauld, reported that during the past 12 months, membership had dropped to 83 members, down from 97 at the same time last year.

Activities Officer, Marilyn Ewin, announced that she has arranged a cruise on Wallis Lake on the vessel, the Free Spirit, for 29th April 2021, at a cost of $50 per person, which includes lunch on the boat. She indicated she would only take names today and that all names and payments are to be made at the next meeting. 

Speaker Liaison Officer, Robin Billings, announced that the guest speaker for the next meeting would be Geoff Anderson. See details under Next Meeting above.

Vice President Jack McDonald introduced the 10-minute speaker, IPP Ian Campbell, who spoke about Australia’s third worst plane crash (excluding USAAF crashes during WW11), the Vickers Viscount 720 crash at Port Hedland on 31st December 1968 that resulted in the loss of 26 lives, at which both he and Grace were present and involved.

Photos taken during Committee members' reports and of March birthday Probians


Annual General Meeting - Tuesday, 2nd March 2021

The AGM followed immediately after the General Meeting.

Following presentation of the President's and Committee Members' annual reports, standing orders were suspended and the floor handed over to Returning Officer and Club Foundation Member, Allan Buckingham, to conduct the election of new committee members.

In his introductory comments, Allan mentioned that Probus was originally created in the United Kingdom in response to a need for a social grouping for men, especially those retiring from Rotary Clubs. It was intended as purely a social gathering, without the onus of fundraising. The first club in Australia was a men's club at Hunters Hill in Sydney, floated in 1963. Clubs for women soon followed, and after several years, combined clubs (women and men) became the norm.

The first President elected for our club was Eileen McMullen (dec'd) in 2003. The club was sponsored by The Rotary Club of Taree-on-Manning, and at the first meeting, they presented two gifts to our club - the collar that would contain the namebadges of the Presidents and the call-to-order bell. The incoming President, Jack McDonald, will be the club's eighteenth President.

Allan complimented the outgoing committee, led by President Pat Marshall, for keeping the club going during the difficult circumstances caused by the COVID-19 restrictions, with the continuation of committee meetings, bulletins, phone calls and Staying Connected emails from Probus South Pacific.

Allan then declared all positions vacant and conducted the election process. Details of the new committee members elected can be found by going to the Committee tab. Immediate Past President, Pat Marshall, then inducted the newly elected President, Jack McDonald, by exchanging the chain of office and President's badge.

General Meeting - Tuesday, 2nd February 2021

Feature presentation - poetry reading by those members who submitted entries for the 2020 poetry competition, with prizes awarded Vice-President Jack McDonald.

The following members read their poems - Norm Maberly-Smith, Tony Knight, Robin Billings, Sue Niven, Christine Bates and Marilyn Wilson. Anna Hamers' (deceased) contribution was read by Allison Maberly-Smith. Most were written around the coronavirus theme, but Marilyn penned a moving piece about the joy that a dahlia can bring amidst all the gloom. Jack, the sole arbiter of the competition, awarded prizes to Marilyn and Christine.  

The guest speaker was member Ron Smith who spoke about what it means to be a volunteer firefighter, the local brigade and the 2019-20 fire season. Go to Guest Speakers tab for further information.

Photos show guest speaker Ron Smith, and key members involved in the poetry competition.


General Meeting - Tuesday, 1st December 2020

The meeting got underway at 10:00am, with President Pat presiding and welcoming members to the first meeting since the COVID restrictions were introduced in March. Pat invited member John Clucas to sing the National Anthem, which he did with his usual decorum. Following some brief meeting formalities, Secretary Norm Maberley-Smith deliverd his 10-minute address entitled 'The Man I Wish I Had Met', an incredible story about his father who was killed in action in WW11 before Norm was born. The address included a story of his Aunt who survived a ship wreck in the South Pacific Ocean during WW11 and eventually made it back to Australia to tell her story.  

There was no morning tea due to COVID restrictions. 

A short break was followed by the debate: 'That Men Gossip More Than Women'. The affirmative side comprised President Pat, Treasurer Allison Maberly-Smith and Lynette Hester. The negative case was delivered by Past Presidents Peter Hester, Tony Knight and Alan Bates. Immediate Past President Ian Campbell chaired the event, with Walter Bolin and Gwen Dean adjudicating. After the presentation of arguments, some highly improbable(!), and summing up by Lynette and Alan, the affirmative side was announced the winner, to the loud applause of members.

Past President Alan Bates thanked the committee for keeping up contact with members during the period of the coronavirus restrictions. President Pat brought the meeting to a conclusion at 11:30am, following which most adjourned to the Tavern for Christmas Lunch.