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The Hallidays Point Probus Club was formed in March 2003 under the sponsorship of the Taree-on-Manning Rotary Club and was chartered by Probus South Pacific in May 2003 with 72 Foundation Members.

The following is adapted from an address given by Foundation Member Walter Bolin to club members on 5th February 2019 and published in Hallidays Point local newsletter, News of Our World, in March 2019.

Walter Bolin, who moved to Diamond Beach in 2000, was a Foundation Member of our club. Walter’s late wife, Meryl, who was also a Foundation Member, went on to become the club’s 8th president in 2010-11. Walter spoke eloquently about the early days of the club, in particular, the events that resulted in the club’s formation.

Walter had knowledge of the Probus movement, having previously been a member of the Narrabeen Lakes and Avalon Beach clubs. He befriended another local resident in Bill Crockett, who was a member of the Taree West Probus Club, and Walter was soon travelling with Bill to meetings at Taree. On one such trip, Bill proposed that we should have a club of our own. On the next trip, Bill produced a list of 35 prospective members and it was not long before a steering group was meeting at Bill’s place. Under the sponsorship of the Taree-on-Manning Rotary Club, the club came into being in March 2003, with local resident Eileen McMullen elected its first president.

The first venue for meetings was the old Blackhead Bowling Club, the monthly preparations for which were facilitated by Allan Buckingham. This venue was available on a Tuesday and meetings have continued to he held on Tuesdays ever since. The size of the clubhouse meant that maximum membership had to be set at 80. Whilst the venue was not entirely suitable it was the club’s home for the next five years until 2008, when meetings were moved to the newly renovated surf club premises.

We’re here primarily as a result of the vision of one Bill Crockett, undoubtedly supported by Walter and those other early members of the club. (Whilst Bill has passed, his wife Evelyn, also a Foundation Member and now in her 90s, lives in nursing care in Taree).



Following are lists of Presidents, Foundation Members and Life Members of the club.


Following is a list of the club’s presidents since its inception



The following Foundation Members remain current members of the club



The following members have been awarded Life Memberships

2003 – 04

Eileen McMullen (dec’d)


Marion Blackley


William Crockett (dec'd)

2004 – 05

Anne-Marie Barnett


Walter Bolin


Evelyn Crockett

2005 – 06

Phil Lacaze


Allan Buckingham


Eileen McMullen (dec'd)

2006 – 07

Ray Bell


Bev Crisp


Allan Buckingham

2007 – 08

Allan Buckingham


Evelyn Crockett


Bev Crisp

2008 – 09

Mary Marshall


Doreen Heaps


Anna Hamers (dec’d)

2009 – 10

John Coster


Beryl Johnson



2010 – 11

Meryl Bolin (dec’d)


Judy Johnstone



2011 – 12

Isobel Prindable


Mary Marshall



2012 – 13

Bryan Paech


Maureen Meath



2013 – 14

John Blacklock


Neil Meath



2014 – 15

David Gibson


Beryl Wardlaw



2015 – 16

Alan Bates


Lois Wilson



2016 – 17

Anna Hamers (dec’d)





2017 – 18

Tony Knight





2018 – 19

Peter Hester





2019 – 20

Ian Campbell





2020 – 21

Pat Marshall





2021 – 22

Jack McDonald/Lynette Hester