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Life’s challenges continue to keep us on our toes. 2022 saw the Covid restrictions maintained until September when both mask wearing requirements and vaccine mandates ended. This impacted our 2022 AGM, with the requirement for masks and limited gathering numbers. We did manage to work within those restrictions and enjoyed a marvellous St Patricks Day celebration led by Gwen, Keith, and Roy McGuinness, Gwen’s brother. The start of 2023 has thrown some serious weather events our way with record winds, rainfalls, and the resultant flooding. Our thoughts and donations go out to those seriously affected by these events. Our remarkable Carolyn continued to keep us entertained with interesting speakers; historian Dr Adam Classen, audiologist Abby Johnson, biophysicist Professor Peter Hunter, Lindsay Roberts of the St John Ambulance, Pam Elgar from the Make a wish Foundation, Kayleen Smith from Love to Move, Simone Ford from Hobsonville New World, Veronique Guilloteau from Brainfit, and Winifred Henderson from Dementia Auckland. In addition, Carolyn organised a scrumptious Mid-winter Lunch in July and a magnificent Christmas Lunch in December. The Club has been told of Carolyn’s pending kidney transplant this month, and our thoughts, love, and best wishes are with her and sister Brenda, for this operation. We look forward to Carolyn’s full recovery and her return to her highly valued role in the Club. 

Post Covid has allowed external trips to resume. We have had several monthly Coffee Mornings and Chris organised a tour of Chelsea Bay Sugar Works followed by Devonshire Tea in their Café. A cruise on the Kaipara on the Kewpie Two in early March also proved popular with members. 

Our Probus Club is fortunate to have such a talented and willing group of members who contribute their time and expertise to making our Club run smoothly. My first accolade goes to John and Avis Jury. John was our Foundation President as our young Club was catapulted into Covid-19 lockdowns in March 2020. John and I emailed members every week during the lockdowns when Club meetings were not possible. Avis has worked tirelessly to keep Club matters moving, and in 2022, stepped up as Treasurer when Sylvia and Kay moved to Hamilton. It is with good reason that I call John and Avis Mr and Mrs Hobsonville Probus! 

Nominations for the 2023/2024 Management Committee closed with Secretary Liz on Monday 6 March 2023. Eight nominations were received for eight committee positions. Returning Officer Spedding Mills will therefore, at the AGM on 20 March, announce the Management Committee as Lyn Pushong, President; Chris Doel, Vice-president; Liz Campbell, Secretary; Linda Smith, Treasurer; and committee members Geoff Hickman, Avis Jury, John Jury, and Ralph Martin. My congratulations to you all. 

Lyn Pushong has managed the Club membership most competently whilst developing a highly effective CareNet Club welfare system. My sincere thanks to Lyn for all her work. We are fortunate that she will be President in the 2023/2024 year. 

Liz Campbell is “worth her weight in gold”! Since taking over as Secretary she has managed the Management Committee’s workflow smoothly and effectively. With Liz as Secretary in the 2023/2024 year, the Club’s administration future is bright. 

Chris Doel has organised the Club outings, and the advertising. Now that Covid has receded to the extent that we no longer have gathering restrictions, Chris has several trips planned. He has agreed to stand in for Carolyn while she recuperates following surgery. Chris will be Vice-president in the coming year. Our Club is all the stronger for his involvement. 

Linda Smith is Treasurer for the coming year, and this is great news. She and Eric will be away in July and August and Avis will cover the financial matters during that time. The contribution the Smiths make to the Club is significant. That we use the Hobsonville Bowling Club as our meeting venue, and the fact that Eric is the Secretary there, means there is not much that Eric and Linda don’t know about the place! 

Joy Riddell acted as the Accounts Reviewer for last year’s accounts and noted that the Hobsonville Probus Club accounts were all in order. My thanks to Joy for her work. 

Keith Giles is our sound system expert, and his wife Gwen, who has the “voice of an angel”, sings happy birthday songs to members. Keith has recently advised on the placement of tables and chairs in the Bowling Club rooms to provide optimum sound quality for presentations. These member contributions make ours such a strong Club. 

Heini Duensing is our Club photographer, and his photographs are included in the Probian and on the Club website. In addition, Heini and John have kept a photographic album for each of the Club’s years of operation. It is our official record. Raffles are a significant contributor to Club funds. Anke and Linda manage the Raffle Table and provide us with the chance of a “little flutter” at each meeting. My thanks to the Duensings and to Linda. 

Graham Macferson took over the Club website last year and has tidied it up and run it smoothly. My thanks to Graham for his knowledge and efficiency. 

The monthly Probus Quiz night is an eagerly awaited occasion. Gene Irwin, ably supported by Don, has provided us with ongoing fun and competition. The amount of time required to run this each month is significant and the Irwin’s contribution is much appreciated. 

Probably the longest running and highly patronised activity is the monthly Waterford Craft Group. Avis has built this up to a highly productive unit! The Yuri Bears produced for the Ryman initiative for Ukraine and the baby clothes for the newborn, are examples. 

A most important activity is the Morning Tea team lead by Avis and Rae Cox. Where we would be without our monthly morning tea, prepared by teams of members, doesn’t bear thinking about. 

I can’t end my report without thanking the Club’s Major Sponsor, Ryman’s Keith Park Retirement Village. This is greatly appreciated, as is its ongoing involvement in Club activities. 

Lastly, to all of you as members of the Hobsonville Probus Club, where would the Club be without you? Fun, Fellowship and Friendship abounds! 

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to have served as your President and look forward to the Hobsonville Probus Club’s future with enthusiasm and confidence. 

Graeme Sanderson 




If we thought that 2020 was unusual, whatever do we think of 2021? However, I am delighted to report that our club has weathered everything that has come along, and we are doing fine. Remember that when I first became President, I warned everyone that we would crawl before we walked? Now we are not only walking we are running (or maybe jogging). Strong membership – 100. New venue - where we can meet every month instead of having to find somewhere else in school holidays. This move has been well received by all. We have a wonderful relationship with Ryman and Waterford. Looking back, not being able to meet between August and Xmas made things almost impossible but with a great committee and our tireless newsman Graeme we kept everyone informed as we soldiered on. I thank you all. Our Xmas luncheon in November was well received as we defied some people who felt it would not happen. This was a wonderful event. Now we are in 2022 and we are meeting with some restrictions.  Waterford has told me we can hold our first quiz night when we leave the red area. Gene is waiting impatiently to get under way again. As I am standing down after two years, I can assure you all that our club is in good stead, and I thank you all for your support over my time and your support in changing the by-laws. You have a good mixture on your in-coming committee for the coming year. I will be there as Past President. I look forward to our Annual General Meeting and to our Irish celebration with more fun, fellowship, and friendship. I am sure you will not be disappointed. ­Lastly the amazing speakers who have made us sit up and think about other things. Whoever would have thought we would be enthralled by a brain on our table? Carolyn you are amazing. To all the group activity organizers you have excelled yourselves and it has been a pleasure to work with you in such trying times. Our club will keep growing. I am now signing off.    Take care.    

President John Jury




This last year will go down in the history books as ‘the year of the Virus’ as well as the growth in our membership and many new friendships which have developed during these unusual times. We can look forward to further growth in this new Probus year as Hobsonville itself grows. Your committee has jelled well together. We have held monthly committee meetings even if some were by Zoom or telephone. We have had enjoyable times in setting up various subgroups – Cards, Mahjong, Crafts, Quiz, Genealogy Workshop, Outings, and keeping track of it all, our Photo Album. Unfortunately we were not able to form a Travel Group, but we will try in this new year. Lastly let us not forget all the amazing Speakers we have had. To all of those involved I thank you. Two major events have been our Mid-Winter Lunch and our first birthday which we combined with our Xmas Lunch. A great time was held by all. I look forward to the same or more of this in the coming year. Attached is a copy of our Treasurer’s Report. As you see we are in a good financial space, so we have been able to reduce our subscriptions for this coming year. This is due largely to the generous support of Ryman Healthcare, Milford Rotary and Waterford. To the incoming Committee I know you will handle any challenges which may arise. The Club is in good heart and this is due to all of you. You have made my job so much easier. In closing, don’t forget as I said at the beginning of the year ‘my door is always open’ and still is.

President John Jury