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October 2023

The speaker was Dr. Chris Boberg, an expert in skin cancer and director of SkinCheck Ltd.  His talk was very relevant for an audience of fair-skinned over 60 year olds.


Sky jump - 10 October 2023

In recognition of Probus Month Ralph Martin and Sandra Harrod decided to bungy jump from the Sky Tower.  Daniel Faitaua from TV1 recorded the event and it was shown on TV1's 7Sharp programme.

August 2023

Because of the unavailability of our usual venues, the August meeting was held at the Hobsonville RSA.   The guest speaker was Jennifer Lean from the Heart Foundation who gave a very informative talk on what we all can do to help maintain a healthy heart.

May 2023

The guest speaker was Bob Jessopp who showed a movie he had produced outlining the history of technical developments in the production of movies for the cinema. including short excerpts from many memorable old movies. 

April 2023

The guest speakers were Frank Snell and Melissa Bryant from Hobsonville Glasses and Gifts.  Frank gave us an informative talk about Macular Degeneration and the need to have regular eye checks and how to self test for Macular Degeneration using the Amsler Grid chart.


March 2023

This meeting was the AGM, followed by St Patrick's Day celebrations and morning tea.



February 2023

The guest speaker for this month was Winifred Henderson who is Community Development Manager and Educator at Dementia Auckland.  Her topic was about Understanding Dementia - the difference between forgetfulness and cognitive impairment, signs and symptoms of dementia, and about maintaining brain health - what are the mitigating  risk factors of dementia and about what we can do to improve or maintain our brain health.



January 2023

The guest speaker for this month was Veronique Guilloteau who is a memory coach for the "Brainfit For Life" organisation. 



December 2022.  Christmas Lunch

About 80 members gathered at the Hobsonville Bowling Club for a very succesful Christmas lunch, catered for by the team from the King's Garden Cafe. A number of gift packs were raffled off, to the great delight of the lucky winners.


November 2022

The guest speaker was Simone Forde who owns and operates the Hobsonville New World supermarket.  Simone provided morning tea for the meeting, and then gave the audience some  interesting insights into the inner workings of a supermarket.  

October 2022

The guest speaker was Kayleen Smith from Love To Move who runs a home gymn at Hobsonville Point.  Kayleen gave a talk on the need for suitable exercise as we age, and invited some audience participation

September 2022

The guest speaker was Pam Elgar ONZM who is CEO of Make-A-Wish Foundation New Zealand, who gave an inspiring talk on the history and workings of the Foundation. She gave several touching examples of the wishes granted to critically ill children.

Also included are several photos of the Yuri bears knitted by members to be included in the shipment of bears to the children of Ukraine, organised by Ryman Healthcare.

August 2022

The guest speaker was Lindsay Roberts from St John Ambulance who gave an interesting talk on the history of the Order of Saint John, and of the workings of St John's at a New Zealand and West Auckland level.

July 2022

The mid-winter Christmas luncheon was held at the Hobsonville Bowling Club with catering by Henderson King's Garden Cafe staff.



June 2022

The guest speaker was Professor Peter Hunter, from the University of Auckland,  who gave a talk about the work of the Auckland Bioengeering Institute, of which he is Director.   

May 2022

The guest speaker was Abby Johnson, Director and Audiologist, Hobsonville Hearing, ably assisted by her receptionist Phoebe Franklin, who was responsible for distributing prize chocolates.


April 2022

Dr. Adam Classon, seniorS lecturer in history at Massey University

The guest speaker was Dr. Adam Claason who is a senior lecturer in history at Massey University in Albany.  He opened his talk by asking the audience who they thought was the New Zealander who most who had the greatest effect on world history.  He proceeded to answer his own question by saying that he thought that would be Sir Keith Park.  He continued to give his presentation by outlining the life of Sir Keith Park from his time as a young pilot flying for the Royal Flying Corps in WW 1 to his position as an Air Vice Marshall commanding the  11th Group RAF, responsible for the fighter defence of London and south-east England during the WW 2 Battle of Britain.  This battle was won by the RAF. forcing Hitler to abandon his plans for thei invasion of Britain and potentially changing the course of European history.


March 2022

AGM and St Patrick's Day Celebrations

The Club held its third AGM on 21 March. John Jury presented his Annual Report (see under Annual Reports) and reported the Club was in good health. A new 2022/2023 committee was elected (see under Committee) and welcomed by Graeme Sanderson, the new President.


Graeme's first address as President

John handing Presidential Chain over to Graeme

Roy,Gwen and Keith entertaining with Irish music



February 2022

Guy Slocum, Cold War RAF Jet Fighter Pilot

Guy talked about his experience as a cold war pilot and gave an introduction of how that came about. At the Yalta meeting on the Black Sea between Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin, they made a war time decision (which Churchill was very much against) that the allies crossing Germany would slow down in order to meet the Russians in Berlin. If they had not made that agreement, it is Guy’s estimation that the two armies would have met somewhere east of Poland and post war Europe would have looked entirely different. The consequence of this was that Germany was divided into East and west. The East being Soviet, and the West was loosely termed as the Allies. The crazy thing was Berlin too was divided into French, American and British sectors, but Berlin was in East Germany. The Soviets tried to starve Berlin and the Allies sent transport planes through a corridor, every 2 minutes to supply the city until the Soviets gave in. This then became The Cold War. Each side had intercontinental missiles set up against each other on land and under the sea. (Mutually Assured Destruction, MAD). As an RAF pilot, Guy and his cohorts had to prove that they could intercept the aircraft that would launch these missiles on the UK. 

Guy started flying at a young age and gained a government paid scholarship at the age of 16. He finished the course 2 weeks before his 17th birthday and was the youngest person in the UK with a Private Pilot’s Licence. He then joined the air force and went straight on to a course flying jets. After 140hrs he got his “wings”. At the end of that course, they were divided into Transport plane duties or as a jet fighter pilot. 

Over his Royal Airforce career, he has flown many aircraft, including the Phantom Jet.  He told us about the various mishaps that occurred. As an example, he told us about flying a Lightening F6. These were built to intercept Russian bombers. However, they decided to chop the fuel tank and add a gun!  So many of them caught fire that they lost about one a month, many over the sea at night. They also ran out of fuel after 50 minutes. As a typical sortie in the Norwegian Sea area was 5-7 hours, they needed Victor tankers to refuel them in the air, which was a tricky operation.

Guy is a natural speaker and has a warm personality and was fascinating to listen to. What an amazing career!

Guy was happy to draw the raffle.

Chub Roberts, a club member, gave a great “thank you” to our speaker.

Left: Members listening to the meeting

Right: John, Liz, and Graeme address the meeting

Left: Guy starts his address

Right: Guy Drawing the raffle

Left: Guy, Avis, and John

Right: John, Guy, Graeme, and Don

Left: Chub Roberts thanking speaker Guy Slocum

Right: Harrier VTO Jet, one of the many types of aircraft Guy flew

January 2022 - First meeting at our new venue: The Hobsonville Bowling Club

Nicole Bremner of the TVNZ News Reporting Team

Nicole is a senior reporter on the 1 News team. She was surprised to see so many of us attending today. Her career has spanned more than 20 years and included stints as a producer on Breakfast, Holmes and Close Up. Nicole and her husband, Scott, are parents of three young adults. It was interesting to hear about some of the people we have watched on TV over the years and how the work has affected her personally on the happy and sad events that she has had to report. Many varied questions were asked by our members regarding covid, clothing on TV, and the different personalities she has worked with. Nicole obviously enjoys her work and still finds it rewarding. Our guest speaker was happy to draw the raffle. Margaret Wawatai, a club member, thanked the speaker on behalf of the club members.

Left: Nicole on location at Jet Park Hotel

Right: Nicole reporting from the Auckland border

December 2021 - Christmas Lunch held at The Brigham

A happy time was had by 50 members. A new experience was the need for My Vaccine Passes to be checked. Gwen and Keith led us in a few Christmas Carols to get us in the mood. Heini took some great photos (we even got one of Heini and Anke together!). Some are included below. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

The September, October and November meetings were not held due to the Covid lockdown


August 2021 - Distinguished Professor Sir Richard Faull, MBChB, PhD, DSc; FRSNZ, KNZM

University of Auckland expert in neurodegenerative diseases of the human brain.  Sir Richard, founding Co-Director of BRNZ, has also directed and developed the Centre for Brain Research at the University of Auckland since its inception in 2009 creating one of the pre-eminent neuroscience research centres in Australasia.  Sir Richard has extensive leadership and management experience at the University of Auckland (Head of Department of Anatomy with Radiology 1988-2000, Council Member 2001-2009, numerous senior academic committees), and has made major leadership contributions to international neuroscience societies and scientific advisory organisations. He has attracted and managed external research and philanthropic funding and established the internationally recognised Neurological Foundation Human Brain Bank.  Sir Richard continues to be actively involved (as Patron and sponsor) in a wide range of community organisations associated with supporting patients with neurological disorder. Sir Richard held members enthralled with his lecture, his passion for research on the human brain and his compassion for the families of loved ones affected by neurodegenerative disease.

Left: John and Sylvia present mobility dog JR with his "honorary" club membership

Right: RJ wearing his bandana in Probus colours and carrying his "membership" card

Left: RJ and member Gay Henderson

Right: Margaret Davies talking to Gay and RJ at morning tea

Left: Introductory Slide

Right: Richard presenting his lecture

Left: Schematic of the human brain

Right: Blood suppy to the brain

Left: Richard draws the raffle

Right: Don Gallagher thanks Richard for his lecture

Lady Diana Faull, Graeme, Sir Richard, John and Carolyn

July 2021 - Mid-winter Christmas Lunch at The Brigham

We gathered at The Brigham in Whenuapai for the Mid-winter Christmas Lunch. Carolyn was our MC for the day and we were entertained by Annalie Maddock. 71 members enjoyed good food, music and company. In spite of the cold, the atmosphere was warm. Here is a sample of the photos taken by Heini.

June 2021 - Helen Robinson - Organic Initiative

Helen Robinson (O.N.Z.M.) Co-Founder & CEO Organic Initiative (Oi). 

With a 30 year background leading technology companies Helen is an entrepreneur with interests in a diverse range of innovative companies. Helen founded Oi in 2015, with a mission to take plastic out of hygiene products. Oi products are affordable, healthy for women and great for the planet. Former executive roles include CEO, Microsoft New Zealand, and Head of Pivotal Corporation Asia Pacific. Helen has helped found and was CEO of TZ1 Registry providing transparency and integrity to environmental markets facilitating its sale to Markit Group where she went on to act as Managing Director (worldwide), Markit Environmental Registry ( Helen was the inaugural Chair, The Network for Learning Ltd ( ) responsible for transforming education in New Zealand to modern learning environments, and has acted as Director for numerous organisations including the New Zealand Defence Force and Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development (ATEED). Helen was recognized in the 2017 Queen’s Honours Awards as an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit. Helen won the New Zealand Supreme Women of Influence Award 2016 after taking out the Board and Management Category, and received the award for the Most Inspiring Individual at NZ Innovation Awards 2017. In 2019 Helen was awarded Next Magazine’s Woman of the Year in Business & Innovation, and the Most Inspiring Women Leader at the NZ International Business Awards. 
A theme of Helen's career has been a strong passion and drive to improve the quality of life for all, and to deliver value to stakeholders through innovation and technology. 

Helen specializes in forming and growing businesses which ‘do good’ at mass scale.

Helen was thanked on the Club’s behalf by Vice-president Graeme 

Left: Graeme updating members on newsletters and website

Right: Carolyn explaining the upcoming speakers

Left, Right and Below: Members at morning tea

Right: Carolyn introducing the speaker Helen Robinson

Left: Helen drawing the raffle while the visual aids were set up

Right and Below: Helen Robinson delivering her address

Right: Carolyn sums up

Left: Vice-president Graeme thanking Helen on behalf of the Club

Right: Helen Robinson, Carolyn MacDonell, President John Jury and Graeme Sanderson pose for a group photograph

May 2021 - Anna Crane - Macular Degeneration New Zealand

Anna Crane is the General Manager of Macular Degeneration New Zealand. She presented members with the sobering statistics of the incidence of MD in the community particularly amongst older New Zealanders. She gave an informative presentation stressing the importance of early diagnosis and introducing sufficient technical detail to enable us to distinguish the different types of MD and described some of the latest techniques for treatment. Anna's address was in an understandable format and members greatly appreciated her enthusiasm and expertise.

She was thanked, on behalf of the Club, by member Margaret Raby.

Left: Members gathering before the meeting

Right: Graeme updating members on newsletters and the HPC website

Left: Carolyn telling us about the Mid-winter Lunch, the Christmas Lunch, speakers for the rest of the year and in particular the day's presentation by Anna Crane on Macular Degeneration

Right: Members involved in the initial Club proceedings

Left: President John and speaker Anna Crane of MD NZ drawing the raffle

Right: Anna delivering her address

Left: Member Margaret thanking Anna for an interesting and information lecture

Right: Carolyn, John and Anna concluding the meeting

April 2021 - Bryan Waddle - Sports Broadcaster

Bryan gave us an informative and lively presentation interspersed with an excellent degree of humour. He is the consummate raconteur and regalled us with a selection of tales from his life in broadcasting.

Left: John and Graeme addressing the meeting

Right: John and Gayle getting proceedings underway

Left: John welcoming speaker Bryan Waddle

Right: Bryan addressing the audience

Members listening to the address by Bryan

Right: Member Bill Norrie thanking speaker Bryan

Left: Carolyn, Bryan and John

Right: Simon Janke, Carolyn, John and Bryan at the conclusion of the morning

March 2021 – AGM and St Patricks Day Celebration

The AGM reports were received and a new Committee elected. Our second St Patrick's Day celebration then commenced. A fun time was had by all.

Left: Kay, Don, Don, Keith and Bill

Right: President John suitably attired for the meeting

Left: Members assembled

Right: John and Margaret

Left: Keith tuning up

Right: Gwen and Keith providing the music

Left: Graeme updating members on newletters, Probus Active Retirees, website, and publicity

Right: Carolyn explaining the exciting list of speakers and activities in the upcoming months

Left: Morning tea

Right: John and Carolyn in Irish costume

December 2020 Meeting

Christmas Lunch and the Hobsonville Probus Club's First Birthday

Christmas Lunch for the 2020 year was held on 9 December. This was combined with a celebration of the Club's first birthday. A superb lunch was provided by the Hobsonville RSA and Cole Johnston entertained with his amazing voice.

District Governor Wayne McDonald presented the First Anniversary Certificate to our club President John Jury. Rotary members Clive Menken and Peter Best were guests together with 64 club members and 8 visitors.

Left: District Governor Wayne McDonald presenting the Club with the First Anniversary certificate

Right: Wayne presenting our President John Jury with the Certificate

Left: The 1st Anniversary Certificate

Right: Wayne and John with the framed Certificate

Left: John addressing members and guests

Right: John admiring the anniversary cake

Left: Carolyn supervising the cutting of the cake

Right: MC Carolyn keeping things moving!

Left: Entertainer Cole Johnston singing

Right and below: Some of the 72 members and guests

 The Compliments of the Season to all

Our lucky Christmas raffle winner. The hamper was kindly donated by the newly opened Hobsonville New World Supermarket.

HPC activities in this challenging 2020 year came to a close. A fitting celebration to round off the year.

November 2020 Meeting. Guest Speaker, Franco Sessa

Franco Sessa is the National Sales & Trade Marketing Manager of Whitestone Cheese in Oamaru. Franco gave us an entertaining presentation on the different types of cheese which included a delicious tasting session for all.

Speakers Convenor Carolyn introducing Franco

Franco describing the nuances of his various cheeses

Left: Members enthralled by the presentation

Right: Franco and his Whitestone assistant preparing samples

His audience was enthralled and delighted with the tastings!

Left: Vice-President Lyn thanking Franco and his team.

Right: Sylvia catching the moment with Carolyn

Left: Carolyn and Simon Jantke

Right: Franco discussing cheese with members after his presentation

October 2020 Meeting. Guest Speaker, Jeanette Burns

From her former background in the health sector the compassion for those for whom she had responsibility was carried over into her work in the Department of Corrections, an area  where it is very easy to lose that care. Her role was in striking a balance, for both staff and prisoners in providing a safe environment in the prisons. The responsibility of making quick decisions together with an ability for strategic planning as well as thinking on her feet when required is an essential component of the job.

 Speakers Convenor Carolyn MacDonnell, Jeanette Burns & President John Jury

Left: Members registering before the meeting

Right: Anke Duensing and Gene Irwin at the raffle table

Left: Members getting seated before the meeting

Right: President John Jury announcing Club business

Left: Gwen Giles singing "Happy Birthdays"

Right: Newsletter Editor Graeme Sanderson explaining the need for individual authorities for images on our website

Left: Speakers Convenor Carolyn MacDonell announcing forthcoming "Speakers" programme

Right: Quiz Mistress Gene Irwin explaining the format for the new quiz nights

Left: Carolyn introducing Jeanette Burns

Right: Jeanette Burns delivering her address to members

August and September Meetings were not held due to COVID-19 restrictions

July 2020 Meeting. Guest Speaker, Janis Grummitt

Our speaker at the July meeting was Janis Grummitt who spoke of her personal journey following brain damage and her development of stepped programme leading from insomnia to restful sleep. Her book Sleep Well to Live Well is packed with advice and information developed through her own experience.

 Speakers Convenor Carolyn MacDonnell with Janis Grummitt

Left: Anke Duensing and Gene Irwin

Right: Avis Jury, Anke Deunsing and Gene Irwin at the raffle table

Left: Gwen Giles accompanied by Keith Giles singing Happy Birthday to those members who became another year older!

Right: Morning tea and coffee

Left: Morning tea and coffee 

Right: Janis Grummitt speaking to members

Left: Janis Grummett delivering her address

Right: Vice-president Lyn Pushong thanking Janis for her presentation

June 2020 Meeting. Guest Speaker, Lindsey Dawson

Lindsey Dawson is an author, editor and historian. She gave a fascinating presentation of the people, places, buildings and flying machines that made Hobsonville what is has become today. Included was a number of historic photograhs that brought the past to life.

Left: Lindsey Dawson

Right: Gwen Giles, Lindsey Dawson and Carolyn MacDonell

Members and guests registering for the June 2020 meeting, the first following the COVID-19 restrictions


Left: Membership Officer Sylvia Cooper and President John Jury issuing Probus Membership cards to 19 new members.

Right: Gwen Giles singing "Happy Birthday" to all those with birthdays during the coronavirus "lockdown"


Left: Avis, Janice and Glenda serving a sumptuous morning tea

Right: Eileen King explaining arrangements for the Creative Writing group


April and May Meetings were not held due to COVID-19 restrictions

March 2020 Meeting. St Patrick's Day Celebration.

left: Sylvia Cooper and friends blowing up balloons 

right: Members listening to the Irish music

left: John addressing the meeting

right: Clive updating members on club finances

left: John get things moving!

Right: Member Margaret Davies in the spirit of the day!

left: Glenda Hayes get things organised for morning tea

right: The dynamic duo - Glenda and Avis Jury!

Wayne McDonald brings greetings from the 9910 District

February 2020 Meeting. Pamela Stone Guest Speaker

left: Members before the meeting

right: Members seated at the meeting

left: Graeme Sanderson, Probian Editor, addressing members

right: Clive Britton, Treasurer, addressing members

left: President John Jury introducing Pamela Stone, Church Warden at Christ Church Ellerslie

right: Pam Stone describing the work involved in restoring the stained-glass windows at the church

left: Lyn Pushong thanking Pam Stone for her interesting presentation

right: John and Pam (who are cousins) with a photograph of the restored windows

President John Jury with Probus lectern and bell. With from left, Commitee Members Sylvia Cooper, Pauline Reid, Lyn Pushong, Carolyn MacDonell, Clive Britton and Graeme Sanderson






Wayne McDonald, Milford Probus President and members at the Headquarters Building Hobsonville Point, December 2019

left: Members at the back of the room

right: Wayne addressing the Foundation Meeting

left: Garth Halliday, Milford Rotary, addressing the Foundation Meeting

right: Garth and Wayne congratulating John Jury elected as Foundation President

left: Foundation Meeting Certificate

right: John Jury addressing the meeting

left: Vice-President Lyn Pushong speaking, flanked by John Jury and Treasurer Clive Britton

right: Treasurer Clive Britton addressing the meeting

left: Foundation Committee Clive, John, Lyn, Membership Officer Sylvia Cooper and Secretary Pauline Reid

right: Our first Guest Speaker John Clark presenting: "Three Years with The Lifeguards Regiment, Household Cavalry"