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Kewpie Two,  Kaipara Harbour boat trip, 6.3.23

 On 26 March we had 26 seafaring members embark on the good ship Kewpie Two at Hellensville for a day exploring the southern parts of the Kaipare Harbour.  They mostly enjoyed a calm sea and sunny weather.

Chelsea Sugar Works, 27.2.23


Coffee Club Outing, 26.10.22, Summerset at Monterey Park Village

A morning tea was hosted by Linda Venables, Manager and Nicola Redmond, Sales Manager. Unfortunately sickness depleted our number to 20. Nicola took us on a tour of one of the new Louisville villas in the village extension area. An enjoyable time was had by all.


Coffee Club Outing, 29.09.22, Keith Park Village

Thirty members attended a morning tea hosted by Kim Duncan, Carolyn MacDonell and Rosalind Hayhoe of Keith Park Village in Scott's Road,Hobsonville. A happy occasion which included a tour of two of the apartments in the new building.
The complex is growing fast, the extent of which was obvious from the site model.

Trip to Michelangelo Exhibition, Aotea Centre 24.01.22 

On the first rainy day for such a long time, seven Probus members gathered at the ferry wharf excited to be hearing to the Aotea Centre to view at close quarters what six of the seven had previously seen in the Sistine Chapel itself, many years’  previously  in much less favourable circumstances. With the inevitable large crowds gathering in the Vatican on a daily basis it was seeing from a distance and no chance of taking time to appreciate the magnificence of the artwork.

Now was a chance to capitalise on that first visit; to stand and absorb the frescos and most importantly to study the reproduced ceiling artwork without craning your neck while ever moving along. To look down at floor level and be able to lean over the railing was an opportunity to good to miss.

We all valued the experience and were very appreciative that NZ had been able to secure the exhibition.  Obviously, the public in general shared the same opinion as support for the event has led to an extension of a further two weeks. It was originally to end January 31st.

Photos were allowed and our intrepid photographer Heine was in seventh heaven recording the whole sequence.

No Probus outing concludes without a shared lunch and we all adjourned to Smith and Caughey’s cafeteria to discuss the events of the morning.

We returned home on the 2.20 ferry, first time we had pulled up at the new pier, after a very satisfying outing.

As for the rain- we didn’t mind it a bit, in fact we welcomed it!


Trip to Holy Trinity Cathedral, Parnell Precinct 25.06.21

A trip to the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell was made on Friday 25 June. Fourteen members met at the Hobsonville Ferry wharf and caught the 9.00am ferry to the Downtown terminal. HOP cards to the fore and facemasks on we took the Inner Link bus up to the cathedral. Docent Lynnette gave us a very informative tour and talk about the adjacent St. Mary’s, the Cathedral Nave and the Selwyn Chapel. Return trip was through Newmarket, Karangahape Road, Ponsonby, Victoria Park and back to Quay Street for lunch at the Maritime Museum café. Back on the 2.55pm ferry weary but happy. Amanda from Waterford Village picked us up in their van. 

Left: Visiting members outside the Cathedral

Right: Docent Lynnette, John and Doreen (with Pat in the background)

Left: Organ recital

Right: The cast-glass Font

Left: Listening to Lynnette in the Cathedral Nave

Right: The Nicholson Organ completed in 2017

Left: Adjacent St Mary's Church, the Cathedral until 1973. It is in wooden Gothic style

Right: St Mary's seen through the windows of the Cathedral's Selwyn Chapel

Trip to the Maritime Museum 19.05.21

and a sail on the Ted Ashby

Left: The Ted Ashby

Right: Maritime Museum exhibit

Left: Amazing models at the museum.

Right: Looking almost alive!

Left: The Ted Ashby under sail

Right: Some old landlubbers settling in for the trip!

Back to port


Trip to MOTAT Aviation Display Hall: Sir Keith Park Lecture

Carolyn arranged a trip to the Sir Keith Park lecture at MOTAT on Thursday evening 6 May 2021. She drove 11 members in the new Ryman bus. It was a very entertaining and informative evening with the lecture given by renowned historian and lecturer Dr Adam Claasen. Ryman provided refreshments and the evening was enjoyed by all.

Left: The Spitfire at the venue entrance

Right: A restored Sunderland

Left: Dr Adam Claasen

Right: Jim, Graeme, John, Avis and Anke

John, Anke, Avis, Jim, Sylvia, Martin, Lyn, Carolyn, Kay and Graeme

Trip to Tiri Tiri Matangi

A hugely rewarding but strenuous day trip to Tiri Tiri Matangi was enjoyed by members on Wednesday 24 February 2021.

John and Heini lead the intrepid group. An early start on the 7.40am ferry from Hobsonville Point to board the 9.00am boat to Tiri. Guided tours on island tracks amidst the birdsong held members spellbound. The return journey back to the Auckland Ferry Terminal and a ferry back to Hobsonville arriving at 5.30pm. A selection of the photographs taken by Heini are included below.

Left: North Island Robin

Right: Tui

Left: Kereru - NZ Wood Pigeon

Right: Red Crowned Parakeet

Left: Keith, John, Anke, Lexi and Bev

Right: Don, Learnne, Don, John and Anke

Tiri Tiri Matangi Island Trip

Wednesday 24 February 2021

  • Catch 7.50 am ferry Hobsonville – City
  • Pier 4 – 9.00 am ferry to Tiri
  • Guided tour of the island 
  • Return to Pier 4 Auckland Ferry Terminal – 4.50 pm
  • Ferry to Tiri plus tour will cost $83.00
  • Return to Hobsonville – 4.55 ferry

What do I need to take?

  1. Plenty of water, snacks, lunch, fruit as there are no food outlets on the island.
  2. Good walking shoes, sunblock and hat.
  3. Swimming gear and towel if swimming.
  4. Light jacket as temperatures change quickly.
  5. Hop card for Hobsonville Ferry and cash as the early ferry is before 9.00 am. You can “top up” your card at the AT machine at the jetty.

There will be a further briefing of those going after our meeting on Monday 15 February. Payment in cash, $83 each, to be made to John Jury at this briefing so that the discounted cost can be pre-paid to Fullers.

Trip to the Viaduct Basin

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Members travelled on the ferry from Hobsonville Point to the Downtown Ferry Terminal. We spent the day walking around the Viaduct Basin checking out the developments being done in advance of the construction of the  America's Cup bases for the 2021 event. Lunch at the Fish Market and the return ferry got us back at 3pm.

left: Hobsonville Point jetty at the start of the trip

right: John Jury, our tour leader for the day, managed to get the group together for a photo.


left: The Cormorant appears.

right: Back again. Little Creatures in sight. An enjoyable day was had by all.

Trip to the Papakura and Sylvia Park

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Members travelled on the ferry from Hobsonville Point to the Downtown Ferry Terminal. We spent the day travelling on the train to Papakura and then, on the way back to Britomart, we stopped at Sylvia Park. A ferry ride back to Catalina Bay under windier conditions that the morning ride in, completed an enjoyable day.

Trip to the View the Stained Glass Windows at Christ Church, Ellerslie

Friday 30th October 2020

Pamela Stone, Peoples' Warden at Christ Church, Ellerslie, was our guest speaker in February 2020.  Pam talked of her experiences in the organization and execution of the restoration of her historically listed church, with particular interest centred on the challenges presented with the stained-glass windows.

Sixteen members finally made our club excursion to view the windows, after repeated postponements due to Covid-19 lockdowns, on 30 October. Below is a selection of the photographs taken by Club Photographer, Heini Duensing.

Left: Christ Church, Ellerslie

Centre and Right: Restored windows

Left, Centre and Right: Restored windows

Left: Pamela Stone explaining restoration details

Right: Our Probus group