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Positive Social Connections in Retirement

Across New Zealand retirees will be celebrating throughout October, and encouraging family, friends, and neighbours to explore safe options to socially connect.

Probus South Pacific’s CEO Silvana said, “For the more than 14,000 members of Probus words like restrictions and distancing have become all too common and for this reason alone, they are focusing on their social well-being and connecting with each other, in whatever way possible.”

Our members frequently tell us that there is one basic truth that applies to almost everyone’s retirement years and that is the need for social interactions.

The benefits of socialising are well documented and have proven to have a positive affect both physically and mentally, particularly in the mature generation.

For many people retirement certainly comes with its own set of joys, challenges, and goals. There is no one blueprint for retirement as we all have different interests and lifestyle - some of us even have our very own bucket lists.”

Probus Club membership often provides a solution for achieving retirement goals, it offers retirees and semi-retirees the opportunity to make new friends, experience new hobbies, participate in a wide variety of activities, and enjoy listening to interesting guest speakers.

The 1st of October is Probus Day, and the Probus Community will be celebrating throughout the month enjoying a wide range of events, functions, and activities.  

Probus Clubs all over New Zealand have a range of celebrations planned for October including morning teas, picnics, lunches, lighting of landmarks, themed meetings and so much more.

This years’ Probus Day theme is centred on the positive social connections that Probus provides.


Members have been called into action, reminded that they will be doing their friends a favour by helping them to join, stay engaged and connected through a local Probus Club. 

While some areas are currently experiencing increased restrictions or lockdowns at this time, we must be encouraged that there are brighter days ahead. We need to plan for those brighter days - Probus members are inviting all retirees to consider joining their local Probus Club to have some much-needed fun and friendship.

You can find out more about Hobsonville Probus Club from our Secretary on [email protected] 

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Open Leter to the Community

01 October is Probus Day

Probus Day is celebrated annually on 1 October each year.  This date acknowledges the United Nations’ Day of Older Persons which was declared by the UN over 30 years ago as an opportunity to highlight the important contributions that older people make to society.

Throughout the month of October, local Probus Club members, retiree and semi retiree residents in your region, will be helping older New Zealanders stay engaged and connected.

It is widely accepted that members of social groups are less likely to develop the mental health issues associated with isolation and loneliness. The key objective of Probus Day and the October initiative, is to encourage older New Zealanders to learn more about the benefits of joining their local Probus Club.

I am sure you appreciate the importance of social connections, particularly in today’s world.

Probus provides a broad range of opportunities for people to experience the ease of connecting with other like-minded people who live in their community.

Although COVID-19 disrupted our Clubs and their activities last year, a wide variety of events were safely and responsibly held for the inaugural Probus Day in 2020. Throughout the pandemic, Probus has played a key role in ensuring that its members stayed active, in communication and engaged. 

While some areas are currently experiencing increased restrictions or lockdowns at this time, we must be encouraged that there are brighter days ahead. 

To highlight the continued importance of staying connected, this years’ Probus Day will focus on the positive social connections that Probus provides. Our 2021 theme is:


Across the country, our members will be doing their friends a favour by encouraging them to make new friends and enhance their social network through joining a local Probus Club.