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The role of the Management Committee is to administer the club affairs in accordance with the constitutional documents (constitution, by-laws, standing resolutions). Committees recommend certain things to the general members for discussion/ approval, they do not dictate. Sensitive matters concerning individuals are kept at committee level. 

Members of the committee meet  in the meeting room at the local libraryon the  Friday prior to the General Meeting of each month at 1.30pm.

At this meeting members discuss correspondence, finances, welfare of members, activities and outings, visitors, life membership,speakers and business involving Probus South Pacific.

After this meeting the committee members join the rest of the club members for the general meeting.

Management committee and club officers are elected at the club's Annual General Meeting.

It is usual for clubs to elect officers such as Membership Officer, Program (or Guest Speaker) Officer,Newsletter (Publicity) Officer, Outings/Activities Officer, and a Caring (Welfare) Officer. As we are a Incorporated Club we also have a Public officer.Our Imediate Past President is recognised as Ex Officio, with voting rights in recognition of his/her past service as club president.