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Our club has something that no other Probus club has - a bus!

We call it our PRO-BUS.

In July 1995 Don Ninnes organised four other Jamestown Probus members Ern Conradi, Max Rynne, Graham Barry and Bruce Clarke to work with him to create a bus depicting transport in the 1920's.

Pat Graham a foundation member donated a chassis complete with wheels and tyres.

The inital cost for materials was $100.00 which was donated by club members, 50 cents per person. Most of this went towards paint.

members building the ProBus     Bus completed and on show for first time.Members dressed in period costumes

It took 518 man hours to build and the High School students painted scenes on the sides of the bus.

It seats eight to 10 people, including a driver.

The first riders had their names drawn from a hat. They were Don Cummings, Nita Cox, Laurel Rosie, Mary Crossman,

Jean Clark, Glad Keatley and Joan Simpson. ( two of these people are still members) There is no record of who actually steered it.

As the years passed the Pro-bus needed a repaint and this was done by Berni Holmes who enhanced the bus with local scenes painted on it's sides.

The' Pro- bus' is used every year at the Jamestown Christmas Pageant. Passengers on the bus wave and distribute sweets  to the excited children and their protective parents as they watch the parade pass, anxiously wating the arrive of Father Christmas who will reside in the towns down stairs Magic Cave until Christmas Eve.

Last year the bus passengers used bubble blowers to create more atmosphere.

Participating in this event is a fun way our members can interact with the community and at the same time promote Probus.


 Pro Bus with paintings on side Christmas Pageant 2009


And a Poet- Poetical tribute to our club by inagural president and life member, Pat Graham

Every Tuesday what do I do? I come to Probus to be with you.

Maureen picks up those from Belalie Lodge, so using my gopha this day, I do dodge.

Into the Commercial Hotel ready for meeting, Nancy is there to give us a greeting.

Looks up and gives us a broard grin."$3.50 she says, and you may come in"

Another Probarian is sitting beside her, with menu for the day and takes our lunch order.

President Joan is rigged in her regalia. (The Probus symbol used all over Australia)

Secretary Pauline reads minutes and correspondence always seems to hve this in such abundance!

Mustn't forget Denise our Past President, to sit back and relax is now quite eveident.

Ann tells us how mwny attend each day, and Maureen, re tours, has plenty to say.

Val lets us know if subs we have paid,Margaret and Maureen say what sick visits the've made.

Club speaker is always an interesting bit; Neata persuades them to tell of their life or a trip.

Morning tea- we get on a queue, and then have a chat on what we all do.

Rhonda introduces our guest speaker for the day:I'm amazed how she finds such a varied array.

Another Margaret assists the publicity officer, by compiling notes from each monthly speaker.

Joan then produces the monthly newsletter, and keeps records galore on her computer.

Our thanks to those who deliver these, and others behind scences who help when there's a need.