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Each month following our meeting our Publicity Officer compiles a club newsletter. A copy of this is distributed to all members either by post, hand delivered or by E-mail and a copy to the local library

Contents are a report from the president, a write up about our guest speaker, club speaker or club activity. and a summery of the General Meeting minutes.

It also has all the details regarding activities organised by our Tours Director. These may be a visit to the Adelaide Festival Theatre, a visit see a performance or film in Port Pire, a film viewing at Blyth Cinema and visits to Homesteads, museums, businesses, football park, other towns- the list goes on.

A welfare report and list of birthdays for the month are also included.

It is the role of the Publicity Officer to also provide information to the wider community by placing news items of the clubs activities in the local paper (Jamestown Journal). Also interesting snippets and photographs are sent to Probus South Pacific for inclusion in their bi monthly Active Retirees Magazine.

A copy of our newsletter is also sent toProubus clubs in our area and our District Officer.

Some examples of our newsletter

TOUR DIRECTOR’S REPORT “Singing in the Rain” is at the Festival Theatre, Adelaide, on Wednesday, 21st December. It is a matinee, and we will travel by Passenger Service. Cost of the ticket is $71, and to be paid by our next meeting on 5th July. Please let me know if you or friends are interested. Jamestown Catholic Women’s League are having their Annual Birthday Meeting on Thursday, 30th June, starting at 1.30pm, in the St James Learning Centre. There will be a Trading Table, Guest Speaker, Raffle and Afternoon Tea. All welcome. Judy Lewis and her Whyte Yarcowie Vaudeville Group will put on a show for CWA at the Jamestown Town Hall on Saturday, 25th June in the evening, and also on Sunday, 21st August for the Jamestown Hospital Auxiliary – Matinee. Laura Country Music Festival is holding a Golden Oldies Concert from 1.00pm to 3.30pm on Friday, 29th July, cost is $7 and includes Afternoon Tea. Maureen Growden

PRESIDENT’S REPORTAt our June meeting we welcomedShirley Jones as a visitor, and we hopeshe enjoyed our meeting.Our correspondence still revolvesaround declining membership which as aClub we are addressing.Our speakers were John Ogle, ClubSpeaker on Vellum used for book binding,and Guest Speaker, David Medlow Smithof CocoLaura on his shop and confectionery,and his samples were enjoyed afterwards.On Thursday, 9th June, a group ofenthusiastic Probus members assembledat the Town Hall at 8.30am, for whatlooked likely to be a cold rainy day fortheir trip.Cars loaded up and we left for Wilmington,our first stop which was SansouciPuppet Museum and Gallery. What aninteresting display with over 1,000 puppetshe had collected over the years andsome very old ones. It was certainlyworth seeing. As only half could fit in therooms at one time some had coffee andothers had a look around Wilmington. Wethen all met at the hotel for an enjoyablelunch.After lunch, we went down to StanDawes’s museum to view his magnificentcollections of rocks and stones, which asa hobby he has been collecting over manyyears. The display was well set out andone of the best I have seen, with all thedifferent colours.Then back into the cars and down toLaura, with some stopping at the recentlyre-opened Stone Hut Bakery. The rest ofus continued down to David MedlowSmith’s CocoLaura shop at Laura, withmost of us stocking up on his home madechocolate and jelly confectionery, and afew sampling his Golden North ice cream.What an enjoyable day we all had,and a big thank you to Maureen for organisingthe day.Rob Hammat

Club speaker John Ogle

John Ogle was born in England,and migrated to Australia in1973, where he’s lived in Adelaide,Terowie and Jamestown.He spoke about his interest inVellum (sometimes called parchment),which has been used for athousand years or more to print importantdocuments such as GovernmentActs and Decrees, for recordingWills, and documents recordingthe purchase and sale of propertyby private citizens. It was also usedin monasteries to make copies ofthe Bible and to record religious music,and for early oil paintings, until itwas replaced by canvas from about1500.Vellum is made from theskins of domesticated animals (goatand calf, but the best is sheep), involvingsoftening by several soakingsin lime and water, then stretchingon a frame and scraped by acrescent shaped knife to removehair. When dry, it was roughenedby pumice stone, and powderedchalk or lime was rubbed into thesurface to make it more readily acceptwriting or printing ink.British and Irish Parliamentscontinue to have their Acts printedon Vellum, and it is still used forJewish religious scrolls, luxury book-binding, memorial books and documentsusing calligraphy.Our National Library in Canberrahas a growing collection of antiquevellum manuscripts and books, themost important being Australia’s exampleof the Magna Carta, producedbetween 1215 and 1300AD.John displayed some vellumdocuments he has collected

Guest Speaker David Medlow went back to University in Melbourne studying accounting, and taught accounting at University.He obtained a Master’s Degree in Business at Adelaide University, before establishing Medlow Confectionary and Fine Gels, at McLaren Vale wineries,where 70,000 people visited each year.After selling Medlow Confectionary,he spent time perfecting the process ofmaking liquids, such as Cointreau andother liqueurs, into a thicker form to put into chocolates. Cointreau and MedlowChocolates are sold around the world.Further research indicated the MidNorth of South Australia as a suitable venue for his new business, now Coco-Laura at Laura, in the old Laura Standard building.CocoLaura also sells 46 varieties ofGolden North ice cream.David used to make Rocky Road for David Jones and Foodland, but he now makes a variation called Rocky Ridgewhich is very popular – dark chocolate with orange and roasted almonds, and milk chocolate made without cocoa.He trained in Belgium, and uses Belgiumchocolate in his products.Sugar or powder dusted jellies David Medlow Smith’s international reputation as a confectioner began in the United Kingdom in 1979 when he startedthe Australian Confectionery Company,Medlow Fine Gels.He always had a passion for dustedjellies made with pectin, a soluble fibre from oranges, obtained from Denmark, h estudied the process for 5 years, and he’s always used Danish pectin in his products.On his return to Australia, he worked for Coles, then freelance marketing markets in New Zealand and the Middle East,(peach, apricot, lemon and lime), jelly centred chocolates (salted caramel beinga popular variety) and “Indulgences”such as self-saucing “puddings”, lemoncurd, muffins, hot chocolate (made with Belgian chocolate), panna cotta, chocolate mousse, and coconut rice with mangoes are also available at CocoLaura.David provided some samples of his chocolates and jellies, which were delicious! CocoLaura is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-4pm, closed on Mondays except for Mondays on long weekends.Online shopping will be available later.Maureen Growden gave a vote o fthanks, and presented David with a Probus 40th Anniversary pen in appreciation.

TOUR DIRECTOR’S REPORT“Singing in the Rain” is atthe Festival Theatre, Adelaide, on Wednesday, 21st December. It isa matinee, and we will travel by Passenger Service. Cost of the ticket is $71, and to be paid by our next meeting on 5th July.Please let me know if you or friends are interested.Jamestown Catholic Women’sLeague are having their AnnualBirthday Meeting on Thursday,30th June, starting at 1.30pm, inthe St James Learning Centre.There will be a Trading Table,Guest Speaker, Raffle and AfternoonTea. All welcome.Judy Lewis and her WhyteYarcowie Vaudeville Group will put on a show for CWA at theJamestown Town Hall on Saturday,25th June in the evening,and also on Sunday, 21st Augustfor the Jamestown Hospital Auxiliary– Matinee.Laura Country Music Festivalis holding a Golden Oldies Concert from 1.00pm to 3.30pmon Friday, 29th July, cost is $7and includes Afternoon Tea.Maureen Growden




President’s Message Probus October

Hi everyone, I was pleased to see an increase in the umber of members attending our latest meeting. It seems that the community is becoming increasingly confident that S.A. COVID strategies are working and providing we adhere to the restrictions it is now safe to attend functions again. One frustrating thing is the slowness of serving the food for morning tea, we just need to be patient and perhaps allow a longer time for our morning tea break.

A big thankyou to our Life Members who shared with us the personal benefits they experience as a Probus member. The appreciation of having the opportunity to widen their interest through guest speakers, increasing their social circle of friends, developing skills they did not know they had when serving on the committee, and helping to overcome loneliness, were just a few benefits they commented on.

So -let’s invite a friend, your neighbour or a family member to come along to our Probus meetings, it might be just the experience they are looking for!

Our guest speaker, how interesting was he! I am sure we were all amazed at his high level of involvement and commitment he has as a volunteer in the C.F.S, and the vastness of the area he is responsible for.

A well-deserved recipient of the service medal he received at Government House this year.

Enjoy this lovely Spring weather, kind regards Kaye.