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List of APPS as they appear below:

Healthy Living Apps for adults of all ages


BrainTrack - cognitive game

Plant Identifier

BNELibraries App


Healthy Living Apps for adults of all ages - reproduced from

Healthy living apps are tools that can help us make informed decisions about our health and help us change our behaviour and achieve a healthier lifestyle. Using these apps you will be able to transform your mobile device into a health guru that you can take with you anywhere

Selecting Apps       To locate these apps, simply type in the app name, example “couch to 5k”, into your favourite search internet Browser.
  1. Download safe apps, check publisher, reviews and ratings
  2. Try the free version before you buy
  3. Buy the app if you want to reduce ads in the free version
    1. Some apps require you to pay an upfront charge to download and use
    2. Some require a subscription so consider the cost over the year if you need to subscribe
    3. Some are free but may feature in-app purchases to buy added features
  1. Do not create an account or sign in using your Facebook or Google account
  2. Create an account with your email address and strong password
  3. Be careful about entering personal information
  4. Turn on location services only if it is going to help the app provide you with information you need
  5. Some apps provide the ability to start tracking you a set distance away from your home
  6. Check notifications, do you want them on
  7. Only accept followers or friends that you know
Look for warning signs
  1. It’s expensive and you do not know why
  2. You are not sure if you can trust the company
  3. It does not suit your needs
  4. There are extra set up costs
  5. There is a lot of assumed knowledge
  6. It is complicated to use
Medical Emergency Apps
  • Set up ICE contacts 
  • Health app (iPhone) open Health app – select profile (circle at top with your initials)- select medical ID – select edit (at top corner) – scroll down to emergency contacts - - tap on add emergency contact – select someone from your contacts – tap on their phone number – select relationship – select done (top corner). 
  • Locked Screen Message (most smartphones) 
Set an ICE contact details as your locked Screen Photo (all photos)

10 free Apps that will save you money at the supermarket

Dementia Australia launches fun brain-game app to detect changes in cognitive health

A free mobile brain-game app that helps people privately monitor suspected changes in their cognition over time has been launched by Dementia Australia.

BrainTrack was developed with the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (AI), Deakin University and funded by the Australian Government. It has been awarded a research grant by the Medical Research Future Fund - Dementia, Ageing and Aged Care initiative which will evaluate its use and whether it's associated with improvements in knowledge and help-seeking in relation to brain health.

BrainTrack is available for download on your mobile phone or tablet device for free now through the Apple App store or Google Play.

For more information on BrainTrack including installation please visit:

For this story and other interesting stories please visit The Senior online:

A Plant Identifier

Want to identify a plant, a weed, identify a plant disease and more then this app is for you.

This app is also available for your mobile phones.

Start here - you will need to login with your Apple account or your Google account.

BNELibraries App

The BNELibraries App is now available for use on smartphones. To download the App on the iPhone open the App Store and search for “bnelibraries” and GET the application. Login with your library membership number and PIN and use the App to borrow, look up titles and manage your account; link all your other family member details; it’s easy to see what you have borrowed and renew items, easy to search and place holds.


Just like a library, a Digital library is a collection of documents organised in electronic form and can be accessed via the Internet. Depending on the specific library, a user may be able to access books, articles, magazine articles, images, audios, and videos online.

BorrowBox was developed by Bolinda, pioneers of digital borrowing platform, and

BorrowBox makes it easy for users to borrow a book any time, no matter where you are.

BorrowBox can be downloaded as an app to your phone or devices.

It allows you to borrow either audiobooks or ebooks from your local library any time of day from anywhere. All you need is an email address, your library barcode, and a PIN number. Downloaded books and ebooks can be accessed offline.

View this helpful video how to install and use BorrowBox: