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Tech ED Tips

A list of technology related resources and learning materials compiled by Chris

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List of Topics covered as they appear below:

Be Connected Tech Tips
Visit the new look Australian Government BeConnected website
My Community Directory
Ways to protect your privacy online
How to prepare your digital legacy plan.
What is a MYGOV account?
What is Be Connected?
Stay in Touch - Tech Tip Tuesdays
The ACSC, Australian Cyber Security Centre
Brisbane Libraries and Life Long Learning
Researching Family History

Be Connected Tech Tips

Discover how to safely deactivate or delete your Facebook account

Take and edit photos like a pro

Want to know how to get the best search results online?



The new look Australian Government BeConnected website, DEC 2022

Be Connected is an Australian government initiative committed to increasing the confidence, skills and online safety of older Australians. 

Be Connected aims to empower everyone to use the internet and everyday technology to thrive in our digital world.  



My Community Directory

My Community Directory is the one place people go to find community services and events so they can understand what's happening in their local community. My Community Directory lists organisations that provide services that are free or subsidised to the public in thousands of locations across Australia. These services are aligned into various Community Directories. The website to access this directory is The Probus Club of Kenmore Gardens is listed under two categories: General Community Clubs and Seniors Clubs & Social Groups.

How to find an organisation or a service

At the first screen, you need to type in your location, for example, Kenmore, and select the appropriate option from the resulting drop-down list, you can also select a radius from your initial location. The click on the GO button.

In the Search box you type in your search keyword, it can be a category, organisation or a keyword, in this case, Probus. Then click on the SEARCH button.