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Manly District Probus Club is proud to call itself the Happy Club.

It was formed in August 1991 by a group of former Manly Central Probus Club members who decided to investigate if there was enough community interest in forming a new combined, more relaxed and friendly Club.

An exploratory meeting was held in a private residence. After much discussion, the Rotary Club of Manly was approached and asked to sponsor the accreditation of a new Club. An inaugural feasibility meeting took place on 13 August 1991 at the Manly Civic Club and the Club as we now know it was born.

Membership was invited from retired Rotarians and others with professional and business backgrounds in accordance with the general Probus constitution which also calls on all Clubs to be non-political and non-sectarian.  Initially membership numbers were to be limited to 60 with an equal number of men and women. General meetings were to be held on the second Thursday of each month and a further meeting was scheduled for September 1991.  A bank account was opened for the new Club and the initial joining and annual membership fees were set at $5.00 in each case.

Records of meetings for the latter part of 1991 are scant and there is a suggestion that the then Secretarial position was enjoyed so much that formal minutes were overlooked.


                                 Some of Manly District Probus Club Past Presidents prior to 2016 

The 25th anniversary of our Club was celebrated in conjunction with the August 2016 general meeting when the many long term members were invited to bring photographs and reminisce over times and activities shared over the years. 

The James Ross Memorial Trophy.

James Ross was a former member of the Club who joined in 2008. He loved being a member, enjoyed the Club’s activities and made many friends. In his latter years ill-health affected his attendance and, when diagnosed with terminal cancer, he offered to set up an annual memorial trophy which would recognise members with a minimum of ten years membership who had made an outstanding contribution to the Club.  The first three recipients have been the late Les Wiltshire, current life member Clare Hurley and last year, newsletter editor Pat Grundy.  Nominees must have been members of the Club for at least ten years and have given outstanding contributions to the Club.


Ken Longfield receiving the James Ross Trophy Award from new President, Robert Elvin, at the AGM on March 11 2021.  Ken Joined Manly District Probus Club in November 1998 so has been an active & loyal Club member for 22 years!  He has held the position of Secretary for 4+ years, & became Club Photographer in 2020.  Ken travels from Newtown for Committee & Club meetings & is usually one of the first to attend.  He recently became a grandfather for the first time.



Probus Committee 2021 ready for a fun-filled new year.