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Elizabeth Fraser/Mann was the guest speaker for June, 2023.  

Coordinators, Ken Rook and Tim Ahern had pleasure in thanking her for an interesting presentation on the family's property "Goronga", in Mann Road, Pakenham Upper.






When Vicki came to talk to us in July, I think we all had preconceived ideas and felt women in the Middle East were victims to a male dominated environment, but we didn’t understand why they put up with it. 

Vicki’s experience of being brought up as a Muslim in the Middle East, becoming a Christian at 21 and then returning as a missionary for 20 years, validated her understand-ing and knowledge. 

We learnt that ISLAM means SUBMISSION and verses from the Koran explained why things are as they are. From childhood girls are taught that they are inferior to men and a possession. The Koran must be obeyed, cannot be questioned, or changed. Any disobedi-ence is punishable by death which is why we hear about mercy killings carried out by women’s families. If they don’t submit, they bring dishonour and will not go 

‘TO PARADISE’ in the afterlife. One of the sad parts of this life is that it’s the parents who lay down the laws and enforce them. The fathers want their daughters to know the rules, though they don’t give any explanations. The mothers want their daughters to go to paradise - the aim in their lives. 

Women have no rights and accept this. If a man does something wrong, he just needs a few men to support him in saying the woman made him do it. The blame is then passed to her. Divorcing a Muslim woman is a simple process for him, but she is immediately ban-ished and loses her children. A massive deterrent for her to disobey her husband. 

I believe everyone enjoyed Vicki’s talk and were a little more understanding of a Muslim women’s position at the end. Vicki was a great speaker full of passion and knowledge. We would love to have her back to learn more about her journey in life and allow more ques-tion-and-answer time. 

Pam. Barton