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Gretings Everyone,

Firstly, I hope that you are all well. Who would have ever thought as we entered this new decade we would be facing the events that have occurred in these first months of 2020.  It is a challenging time but I’m sure we will all get through.

You should all be aware that at this stage the Committee made the decision to cancel meetings until the end of June.  This decision was of course made before we knew the full extent of how the Government would handle the corona crisis, so I think we all know that this is going to go on way beyond then.  We will of course keep you informed.

In the meantime it is certainly going to challenge us in many ways.  Hopefully you are all in close contact with your families and friends.  It is so important to keep connected. I know myself I have been spending a lot more time on facebook than normal and my family and I had an extremely funny facetime call one night where there were 8 screens open and everyone trying to talk over everyone else but this is going to be the new normal for some time I think.

Probus South Pacific in their eNewsletter have raised the issue of cyber safety as we are all probably using the internet more than we have in the past. If you are interested, the Australian Government eSafety Commissioner run free online safety presentations called eSafety Webinars. With my limited knowledge of computers, I will endeavour to attach a copy of this newsletter for your information (don’t know how I’ll do). The newsletter is interesting and is available to anyone to subscribe to. The way to get your copy is in the newsletter.

Anyway, I will leave you with this poem, written by one of our residents here in the village – Sid Richardson

                On this journey in life’s stay, we often stop along the way

                We greet another journeyer and for a moment their life we share

                We shake their hand or kiss their cheek and in one small moment

                we peek into each other’s lives and there we leave a token of that meet

                For life’s journey is full of chance encounters

                Some last for years some for a moment so good and some not so pleasant

                Some many years ago, some in the present.

                No matter when or where or how or why, that time we spent will never die.

                It lives on in our heart and soul, when we grow to be what the young call old.

                We draw upon those moments spent

                Then in sweet content remembering this life’s journey

                For we are so blessed that we did not miss, each hand we shook and cheek we kissed

Yours in fellowship and friendship,

Jan Buckley