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On the first Thursday of the month a group to challenge our taste buds for the finer things in life.

If there is anyone out there who fancies themselves as a Sommelier or you just have a nose for a good bouquet, contact Joanne R.


* December - No activity this month


* Report for May, the First Meeting

The first meeting of the activity "Wine & Cheese" was held at the residence of Neeru and Anoop. The ten  members attending had a "wonderful-time". The discussions around "wine & Cheese" became more friendly as more-&-more wine was consumed.

The Cheese provided was of more-than 10-different varieties and to that were added 4 different preparations of Cheese prepared by Neeru. I am happy to report that the Cheeses prepared by Neeru were appreciated more, as those dishes were consumed fully before the other varieties of Cheese present were started to be consumed.

I would not like to report the number of bottles of wine that were consumed. This shall give-away  the quantum of enjoyment that the members had.

Until the next date for the activity to happen.