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A group to challenge our taste buds for the finer things in life.

If there is anyone out there who fancies themselves as a Sommelier or you just have a nose for a good bouquet, contact Joanne R.



* Sunday 21st August

Date: Sunday 21st August @ 2.00 pm

Venue:  Thank you to Ken & Margaret J for volunteering this month  …..

Overview of Activity: Bring along a plate and a bottle of wine to share while we all try to solve the worlds problems 😊

Details will be sent our prior to the event. 

RSVP  10th August  2022  Joanne


*Report for July 2022

Another great afternoon was had by our intrepid connoisseurs of wine and cheese. A big thank you to Helen and Peter Ruefli for opening up their beautiful home to us all…

What! Ladies at one end!

Men at the other

But at least they did their job!


* Report for June 2022

Another afternoon of merriment and solving of the world’s problems was had at the Frances and Peter G’s home this month…

An array of wonderful, tasty morsels was washed down with a great assortment of red & white wines.  Thank you to everyone who came along and a very big special thanks to Frances and Peter for hosting, it is very much appreciated.


* Report for May 2022

A great afternoon was had at Peter and Ann D’s home.