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Book Chat is a mixed group led by Barbara F and meets at 9:45 for a 10:00 start on the third Tuesday each month at a Local Cafe. The exact location will be provided once you RSVP.

At Book Chat we get the chance to share our passion for books with like minded readers. This is your opportunity to come and talk to other members about your favourite books or authors. No specific books are assigned to read, rather we each discuss 2 or 3 books we have recently read. A fun time is had by all!

Important: During Covid19 the numbers attending may be limited so be sure to RSVP


* December - No activity this month


* Report for November 2021

What a strange year it has been for our group. From face to face meetings to Zoom meetings and finally back to face to face meetings but our dear library doesn't let us gather there anymore thanks to Covid. Oh well, we just soldier on and we met in the park last October as shown in our photo. Lots of catching up, books to return, books to discuss and it was just fabulous to see each othe

This month we had such crazy weather that we decided the Food Court might be a better meeting place. The alarms were going as we turned up,  which was exciting and Wendy and myself were unsure what all that was about. The cleaner told us it was to alert people that the cover doors to each food outlet were opening and that it would soon end. Whew!

With coffees at the ready, we were ready to start our happy book chatting. The group had suggestions for books they would like to see under their Christmas tree this year and this may give you some ideas!

First some Non-Fiction:

The Chancellor, The Remarkable Odyssey of Angela Merkel by Kati Marton

This recent release is a biography of the very private German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

It Wasn't Meant to Be Like This by Lisa Wilkinson

Another recent release, this time an autobiography of our Aussie media personality.

Now for some Fiction:

The Spy's Wife by Fiona McIntosh

A WWII historical adventure set in England and Germany.

The Fossil Hunter by Tea Cooper

More historical fiction about 19th Century Australia's scientific discoveries and dark secrets.

Devotion by Hannah Kent

In her third book, we are taken from1836 Prussia to 1838 South Australia.

Treasures & Dirt by Chris Hammer

Yes, we do love the crime thrillers, especially Aussie ones. This is set in opal mining territory.

Silverview by John Le Carre

That is one famous name and this is his last complete novel. What a ride!

If you want to find out some more book ideas, tune in to the upcoming ABC program Books that Made Me hosted by Claudia Karvan.

Happy holiday reading!


* Report for October 2021

We have continued reading whatever we can get our hands on via online booksellers, E or audio books, books from friends and lovely deliveries from our libraries. They are now reopening under strict rules and that is great news! Yolanda sent a photo of some of her latest reading and that's all I have as at the time of writing my report we haven't met.  We all look forward to in person book chats.
Happy reading.

Our Zoom September book chat has not yet happened so here is a little report. Librarian Tony made my day today, and he and the other librarians really made my upcoming month ahead, when he collected my old books and delivered ten new books to my door. This included the second book of a murder mystery trilogy that was sent with the last delivery so I can continue the story. How special is the Hills Library Service and other council library services doing the same during lockdown? Sometimes being a senior brings some benefits!  I hope you are also able to access some reading material to enjoy between exercise and picnics. Forget house and garden work for a while as I think all our cupboards and gardens are clean and tidy.

Happy Spring reading,



* Report for June 2021

Winter is a fabulous time to curl up with a book and our photo shows a selection of what our group has been reading this past month. We enjoy fellowship (with some food of course) and much happy sharing of our book adventures. What will we read next?



 *Report for May

Lots of book ideas for you from our monthly book chat group. Happy reading!


* Summer Reading Report

We sure do love to read and there has been plenty of time to indulge in our passion for books. But first we had to indulge in our passion for a coffee/tea and maybe even a little sweet nibble. That done, we could settle down for lots of book chat.

Here are some recommendations:

'The Survivors' by Jane Harper and we also discussed the movie made from her first book 'The Dry'

'Trust' by Chris Hammer (very graphic!)

Sun Tzu The Art of War for Managers' by Gerald A Michaelson

'The Advocate's Daughter' by Anthony Franze (a political who done it)

'The Chocolate Makers Wife' by Karen Cook (1600s London in the time of the plague!!!)

'The Year that Changed Everything' by Cathy Kelly (who could pass up that title?)

'In God's Name' by David Yallop (About Pope John Paul I)

'The Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement Village' by Joanna Nell

Happy reading,