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 How wonderful is it to have our Club Outings back! Congratulations to new Club Outings committee who have hit the ground running to which we already have several trips that we can pencil in. 


* Club Christmas Party

The Club’s Christmas Party will be held on the 7th December in the Greenaway at The Fiddler.

Payments to attend the Party in accordance with information included in email messages sent to all Members have now closed.

A separate message will be sent with further information has been sent to all Members who will be attending.


* Hunter Valley Gardens Christmas Lights   Outing January 18th-19th 2022.

An outing is planned to The Christmas Lights at the Hunter Valley Gardens.  This will take place on 18-19th January 2022.  Probians will make their own way there and book their own accommodation.  It is planned to book a group into the gardens for the night session to view the lights.  Cost is $23/ head payable in advance. This can be paid to the Rouse Hill Probus Club account with the code  LIGHTS – name.   Payment can be made as soon as possible and your name/s  forwarded to the Outings committee per Chris K.

Booking of accommodation is your responsibility.  It is suggested if you are planning to come on this outing that you book accommodation as soon as possible.  There are several venues available near the gardens.  Harrigans Pub is one or Pokolbin Cabins and Leisure Inn are others, just to name three.  It has been suggested that we meet at about 1.00pm for lunch at Harrigans Pub.  This will give us plenty of time to relax after the drive and to have a get together. Breakfast together may be an option the next morning, before we make our way home or to a new destination.


* Linga Longa Murray and High Country Tour

This 6 day/5 night tour commencing 3rd April next year has been fully subscribed and we are, at this stage, unable to accept additional numbers. However, we have created a waiting list in anticipation that there could be members who have paid the deposit and for personal reasons find that they are unable to join the tour. The waiting list at this time is not large and should there be members who would like to be added to the list please let Peter B know.



*Outings enjoyed in 2020

  • 8th January 2020 at Dural Country Club
  • 12th February 2020 to Ettalong and Palm Beach
  • April: Virtual outing to Taronga Zoo
  • May: Two Virtual outings. 1. The hidden worlds of the National Parks in USA  2. Katoomba via the Bells Line of Road
  • June: Virtual tour of Paris  
  • July: Virtual tour of Government House, Sydney   
  • August: Nurragingy Reserve, Chinese Garden, at Doonside   
  • September: Prospect reservoir
  • October: Parramatta Lake (cancelled due to rain)
  • November: Cattai Creek National Park 
  • December: Christmas Lunch at The Fiddler, Rouse Hill                  

Christmas lunch – 9th December 2020

What a great Christmas Celebration we all had at The Fiddler this year.

It was wonderful to see so many Probus members enjoying themselves after a long challenging year with so many restrictions.

85 members were booked to come to our lunch, but with sickness and a fall we ended up with 77 members, ready to party and enjoy the occasion.

The venue was great and close to home, the food was excellent and of course the company was fantastic.

Our last club outing was in February, to Ettalong and Palm Beach on the Dural Men’s shed bus. 

Then Covid-19 arrived, and we were unable to meet again until August, where 17 Probus members meet in Fagan Park for a picnic, it was wonderful to see so many again. Each month after that we meet in a variety of parks, with our fold up chairs, picnic lunch and of course plenty of chatter.

Covid-19 restrictions changed on the 7th December, which was great timing for us, we were then able to come together in the one room for the Christmas function, which was wonderful.

I would like to wish all our Rouse Hill Probus members a wonderful Christmas and look forward to a happy and healthy New Year.

See you all at The Fiddler on 22nd January 2021 for our first Probus general meeting for the year.

Kind regards



* November 2020 - Cattai Creek National Park

11 Probians made their way to Cattai Creek National Park. It was a lovely drive, some said they could not believe the number of houses that have gone up in the last couple of years.

For a change it was a lovely sunny day, we found a shady spot to sit, and chat and enjoy the area around us. We went for a very short walk to the wharf, but Bill was keen to check out the rest of the area and take lots of photos. I did intend to visit the old homestead on the way home, but I forgot to do that, will keep it in mind for next time.







* August 2020 - Nurragingy Reserve

19 Probians meet in the car park at Nurragingy Reserve, Doonside.

We walk a short distance to the Chinese Gardens, being winter it was cold and cloudy, it wasn't showing at its best.


The Chang Lai Yuan Gardens, is a typical Chinese classical garden of the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is the product of the two sister cities, Blacktown and Liaocheng City, Shandong Province. The garden was built in 2007 and completed in 2012. Seven Arch Stone Bridge, Light Mountain Pavilion, and a Waterfall Gazebo.


Nurragingy Reserve, which covers an area of about 63 hectares is a beautiful place to visit, there are several picnic areas with electric bbq's and tables and chairs, but because of Covid-19 these cannot be used.

A few Probus members went for a mystery bushwalk in the reserve, it was flat walking and pleasant.



We arrived back from our walk and then enjoyed our picnic lunch; Barry and Yolanda took a small bbq and cooked their lunch and enjoyed billy tea.

About 1pm we felt a few drops of rain and decided it was time to pack up and head for home.

It was lovely to see our Probus friends again, and enjoyed the company of each other

* February 2020 - Palm Beach

We were very lucky with the weather, a few light showers, a bit overcast and sunshine, and no high seas.

We meet at Hills Showground Metro station, everyone managed to get a spot in the carpark at the station.

Len our driver was there to meet 16 Probians,in the Mens' Shed bus which was very comfortable, and we all set off for a lovely day together, with plenty of chatter.


We arrived in time for our ferry at Ettalong Wharf, where we met with with 4 more Probians.


It was pleasant crossing to Palm Beach, we were met with a courtesy bus from Club Palm Beach for some of our members and the rest of us walked the 600mtrs to the club, where Peter and Frances joined us.


It was a set menu at the club, $25 for lunch and return trip on the ferry


It was a full and very enjoyable day out with our Probus friends.

* January 2020 - Dural Country Club

Thirty-one Rouse Hill Probians meet at Dural Country Club at noon for lunch.  It was lovely seeing everyone again after the Christmas break and coming together for another year of fun and friendship.  After lunch we moved around the table and chattered to everyone and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon together


Outings Completed 2019

  • 9th January 2019 Lunch at Dural Country Club.
  • 13th February, Picnic at Rouse Hill Regional Park.
  • 6th March 2019 Riverboat Postman tour of the Hawkesbury River. 
  • 10th April 2019 Warragamba Dam
  • 9th May 2019 Victor Chang Institute
  • 12th June 2019 Freshwater & Harbord Diggers Club
  • 10th July 2019 Carrington Hotel Chistmas in July
  • 14th August 2019 Sydney Conservatorium of Music
  • 11th September 2019 University of Sydney
  • 9th October 2019 Lynwood Country Club
  • 13th November 2019 Australian Community Media
  • 11th December 2019 Christmas lunch Berowra Waters



Wednesday 11th December 2019

Sixty-four Rouse Hill Probus Club members attended the Waterview Restaurant at Berowra Waters for their end of year Christmas lunch.












Wednesday 13th November 2019

Australian Community Media was originally known as Fairfax Media and before that Rural Press in North Richmond, and in recent times has been taken over by a few different owners, now known as Australian Community Media. ACM is made up of more than 170 leading rural and regional newspapers and community-based websites. And has approx 100 fulltime staff and 50 casuals.

We were met by Rod our tour guide to show us behind the scenes of how a newspaper is produced in a digital world. Rod had worked at the newspaper for many years and had recently retired, he had a great knowledge of the running of the newspaper and was very enthusiastic.   

Probus members listerning to the talk

The Newspaper operation on Bells Line of Road runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, printing, producing newspapers, magazines, brochures etc distributing news right around the country.

We were shown many different sections including binding, stitching, trimming, inserting brochures, and packing and wrapping in plastic.

Machinery to produce a newspaper

Each page has four separate printing plates for each of the colours used: Cyan, Magenta, yellow and black.


Printing plates for Newspaper

The paper is Australian made, grown in pine forests over several years. The outside edges of the trees are used to produce the paper, the inner part is used for building materials.

The site has its own team of electricians and engineers in case of breakdowns and holds a multitude of spare parts on site at any one time.

I now have a greater knowledge of how a newspaper is produced and may think differently with all the inserts placed in the newspaper, as many hands have worked putting this together.


After the tour we had lunch at Panthers at North Richmond.

Another day spent together having fun, friendship and of course food


Wednesday 9th October 2019

15 Probus members meet at Lynwood Country Club at 12 noon for lunch.

As it was a bit cold and windy, we decided to eat inside the club and not on the verandah. The meal was very nice and of course the company was excellent.

We moved around and chattered to different people and left there about 3pm.


 Wednesday 11th September 2019

We meet in York Street at Wynyard caught bus to University of Sydney. Short walk to meet our guide Julie at the Quadrangle under the clock tower. Julie had a great knowledge of the history of the university and she was very enthusiastic in telling us all about it.   

Clock Tower

WC Wentworth was instrumental in establishing the university for Sydney, which commenced in 1850. The building was modelled on Oxford and Cambridge Universities and designed by architect Edmund Blacket.   

The Great Hall was the 1st building and had 23 students, it was said that Sydney didn't need a university with that number of students, it's a waste of money.

Today there are approx. 60,000 students with many buildings designed by Edmund Blacket.

The Great Hall is in the main Quadrangle on the Camperdown campus. It has stunning stained-glass windows and sandstone walls and has a sloped roof with twelve carved wooden figures of angels sitting among the beams holding items that reference arts and sciences. The organ was added later in 1882.

Stained glass windows in Great Hall

At the other end of the hall is a beautiful tapestry all hand woven and took many years to complete.

Tapestry in Great Hall

The Quadrangle is a prominent building in the grounds of the university, it was built in stages and took over 100 years to complete. The Quadrangle was the largest public building in the colony. The clock tower holds one of only three carillons in Australia, one in Canberra & Bathurst.

Probus members in Quadrangle

We visited the New Law building and library, both buildings are modern in style to the rest of the university.

New Law Building at Sydney Uni

After the tour we had lunch in the courtyard restaurant which was very nice.

We said our goodbyes and parted company, some going via Parramatta Road and others via City Road, a good day had by all.


Wednesday 14th August 2019

Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Members enjoyed a lunchtime concert at Verbrugghen Hall - 12:30


Members enjoyed a 45-minute concert of Chamber Music, performed by students of the Conservatorium.

Working with renowned tutors throughout the semester and culminating in a final performance, the program allows for students to direct their learning while mentored by accomplished professionals.


The Carrington Hotel at Katoomba

Wednesday 10th July 2019

Forty-seven Rouse Hill Probians travelled by car and train to Katoomba, to celebrate Christmas in July at The Carrington Hotel.

It was built in 1883 the hotel was originally named the Great
Western Hotel and it was a popular destination in the Blue Mountains. It was renamed The Carrington Hotel in 1886 after the then Governor of NSW. At this time the Grand Dining Room was also added, helping make it a world-famous destination by the 1900s.

This is where we had our Christmas in July lunch, in the grand dining room.

 After closing her doors in 1985, the hotel unfortunately remained empty and derelict until 1991, but after eight years of loving restoration, the 'Grand Old Lady' was restored to its former grandeur. The Heritage listed hotel is a local landmark offering charm of yesteryear.

We all meet in the lounge area enjoying a few drinks and plenty of chatter. It was very nice to meet Jennifer and Barry Wood who were visiting the area, they are members of the Whitsunday Probus club.

Some of our members were staying in The Carrington overnight, so they could explore more of the hotel at leisure.

I think most Probus members enjoyed the day in Katoomba, with our probus motto of fun, friendship and food.



Monthly Club Outing to Freshwater & Harbord Diggers Club

12th June 2019

Fourteen Rouse Hill Probians meet at Circular Quay, catching ferry to Manly and then a quick walk to the bus. Some members drove as they had other commitments. We all meet at Harbord Diggers and decided to do a short walk looking over Freshwater and, in the distance, Manly.

Then back to the club for a lovely lunch and plenty of chatter.

We said goodbye to some of our members and the rest of us walked along the boardwalk to the next bus stop, then bus to Brookvale, changing for B1 double decker bus which traveled very quickly back to Wynyard.

Monthly Club Outing report to Victor Chang on 9th May 2019

Nineteen Rouse Hill Probians meet at Town Hall and caught a train to Kings Cross station, then a short walk to The Victor Chang Institute in Darlinghurst.

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute is an independent, not-for-profit research facility focused on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. The institute was founded in memory of pioneering cardiac surgeon Dr. Victor Change AC.

Professor Boris Martinac was head of Mechanobiology Lab, he gave us an overview of the research he has been doing over many years.

Victor Chang was one of Australia’s most gifted heart surgeon, a pioneer of modern heart transplant surgery. His work in the field of heart transplantation had implications for cardiac patients, not only in Australia and Southeast Asia and around the world. His vision was to establish a world class medical research institute knowing that while he could save hundreds of lives through surgery, he could save many more through research.

Dr Chang personally saved hundreds of lives. In 1984 he led a term or surgeons who successfully performed a heart transplant on a schoolgirl called Fiona Coote. She was 14 years old at the time, Fiona defied all odds to become Australia’s youngest heart transplant survivor and some 35 years later remains very well. I am sure there are many of us who remember this happening.

Victor Chang died in tragic circumstances in Sydney on 4th July 1991.

His grandparents arrived in Australia during the gold rush in 1800’s.

His mother and father were both born in NSW, in 1930’s his parents moved to Hong Kong and married and then moved to Shanghai, this is where Victor Chang was born.

If you go into Google, and type Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, then go into ‘about us’, gives history of Victor Chang, our Scientists (Boris is listed there and talks about what he is working on at the moment).

Go across the page to ‘heart disease’ which lists all the diseases of the heart.

We were broken up into small groups and taken to different labs to have a look at the work they are doing at the Institute.

After the tour we were given a show bag to take home, a fridge magnet showing the warning signs and symptoms of heart problems.

Did you know that heart disease is Australia’s single biggest killer?

If you would like to donate, go to their website for more information.

We walk back toward Kings Cross station and stopped for lunch at Tropican Café, they provided good service and very nice meals.

Another interesting day out with our friends from Probus.


 Monthly Club Outing report to Warragamba Dam on 10th April 2019

Fifteen Rouse Hill Probians travelled by car to Warragamba Dam. We meet at the visitors centre which gave us the history of how the dam was constructed and the many personal stories of the people who worked on the dam.

Warragamba Dam is a heritage listed dam, it is a concrete gravity dam which creates Lake Burragorang, the primary reservoir for water supply for the Australian city of Sydney. Dam water levels as at 14th April 2019 is 57.5%.


The Warragamba Dam opened on 14th October 1960, at the time it was one of the biggest dams in the world and the world’s largest domestic water supply dam.


From 1948 until 1960 about 1,800 people (mostly men) of 25 nationalities worked three shifts a day, 7 days a week, to build Warragamba Dam.


Single men lived in barracks and families lived in pre-fabricated cottages, built for this project. Two pedestrian suspension bridges linked the town and barracks to the construction site.

At its peak Warragamba township had 3,500 residents including 1,000 children, more than 500 cottages, single men’s and women’s barracks, a pub, post office, medical clinic, school, two churches, town hall, police station and 14 shops.

We drove a short distance through the township to Eighteenth Street to view the Auxiliary spillway, which was very dry, no water in sight.

 We all meet again at Wallacia Hotel for a $12 lunch and enjoyed our time together, some Probians said the last time they were there was in the 1960’s when the dam was under construction.

Riverboat Postman Wednesday 6th March 2019

Our group of some 30 members met at Brooklyn Wharf at 10am for a wonderful trip cruising along the Hawkesbury River on a perfect March day.  The cruise began with a delicioous morning tea of coffee, tea and homemade Anzac biscuits as we enjoyed the scenery and fascinating commentary from our skipper.  

We enjoyed watching the crew jump onto the jetty at many small communities along the Hawkesbury, inaccesable by road, to drop off the Australia Post mail bags (along with the odd bottle of wine) and then our delicious plowmans lunch was served with a licenced bar available for those who chose to partake of a wine or beer with their lunch.  Then it was time for a leisurely cruise back to Brooklyn with many of us enjoying the fresh air and scenery on the top deck.  

We all agreed it had been a lovely and memorable outing.


Dural Country Club Lunch held on 9th January 2019

Our monthly Wednesday outing on 9th January 2019 was thoroughly enjoyed by 28 members at Dural Country Club.
After our Xmas break we were all very happy to have a good catch up with our friends in Probus and enjoy a very nice lunch
in airconditioned comfort at the club.
A good start to a happy, healthy and enjoyable 2019 for Rouse Hill Probus.

Dural Lunch Happy Faces 

Xmas 2018 Allegro Deck Social                                   Xmas 2018 Allegro Table Chit Chat

Deck Social Table Chit Chat

Trip to Hunter Valley and Nelsons Bay 13th to 14th November, 2018 

What a wonderful overnight trip we had to the Hunter Valley,  by 9.30 all present and accounted for we were off on our adventure. First stop was Billabong restaurant in east maitland for lunch, we were presented with the biggest buffet I've ever seen. Having over indulged, and most of us having trouble walking we boarded the bus. Our guide Robyn was waiting at the curb on our arrival at the gaol.

As we gathered in the entrance she told us of the History of the gaol spanning 150 years. We certainly were able to walk our lunch off she led us through corridors and up and down steps.
This was most enjoyable, as she recounted stories with great humor of past prisoners, including women and children. After almost two hours, we were all craving a cuppa and a granny nap.
The Hunter Gateway motel was very comfortable, but unfortunately someone found they had a bath in her room, and made the mistake of telling the others of how she had enjoyed her bath. (sorry).... At 5pm we boarded again bound for The Terrace  Restaurant in the Hunter valley Gardens. We were warmly welcomed before sitting down to a beautiful christmas dinner.
Before long, darkness fell and we scattered in all directions to view the magnificent Christmas lights.. everyone  was very good and returned to the bus at the appointed time. 
After a good nights sleep we all enjoyed hearty breakfast before climbing on board again for our trip to Nelsons Bay to board the Moonshadow boat for our dolphin sighting. Even though the weather was a bit overcast, dolphins were seen. After a dock side lunch we boarded the coach for the trip home.
Everywhere we went the staff were wonderful and I thank all those who went for helping to make it so enjoyable.
Our next outing is our christmas party at ALLEGRO, 1 Porters Road, Kenthurst 12th of December at 12 noon. Payable at next meeting.
Cheers, Ann

"Baubles" and "Back(s) in Gaol":-                                                 


Sydney Harbour Fun Boat Cruise 10th October 2018, report from Ann W:-

We all donned our jackets and found our umbrellas for our october outing on the Fun Boat.
Most of us came by train and light rail. Wal and I decided that the car was warmer.
We met at a cafe near the Casino wharf, for a hot tea or coffee, and we certainly needed it.
Just as we moved closer to the wharf the heavens opened, leaving us .sheltering under the Cafe umbrellas, They were at least some shelter.
Soon we were aboard, we were then divided into teams of four, and asked to give ourselves a name. Question sheets were handed out ready for our Trivia quiz. Points were awarded for each correct answer. This was followed by name the celebrity, and all papers were handed in for scoring.
Finally lunch was served. By the feedback I got the day was enjoyed  by all.
Oh you want to know who won.......... well that would be SIMPLY THE BEST.
              Hazel, David, Maureen, and her friend Col. Congrates to all the team.
                                          Thank you all  for braving the weather.
   Here are a few images of the Sydney Harbour Fun Boat Cruise on 10th October:-

The first image is of someone who could not help helping himself to enough food, the second is of a birthday girl, the third was of a group interested in other issues, and the fourth is of new concrete rising up out of Sydney in the form of a new Casino.

All for me. Birthday Girl

Inside Fun Boat 

12th September 2018

Leuralla Toy Museum

We were blessed once again by the weather for our outing to the Toy Museum at Leura. Twenty eight of us relived our childhoods; oohs and ahs were heard  in every room as we discoved toys from not only our era but of our grandparents too. We were informed of the History of the house, and infact this was not the original house as the original house was destroyed by fire. Judging by the photo of the present house, one can see it was much grander than the house that was destroyed.

One of our members kindly inserted two dollars in the slot to operate the wonderful model railway so we could all enjoy it. The garden was beautiful and we all wandered around it in awe. After our walk in the glorious gardens, we went into the town of Leura for coffee then on to the golf club for lunch.

I WAS SURE I COUNTED 28 When WE LEFT..., but SORRY CARMEL AND BOB FOR HAVING LEFT YOU BEHIND. Thank heavens they caught up with us. After a good lunch and light refreshment we were homeward bound.

Thanks to all who came. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you to Helen for doing the work, and making it easy for me.          


WEDNESDAY 15th August 2018

Female Factory, Parramatta

Our trip to the Female Factory, was very enlightening for me.

The treasurer of the Friends of the Female Factory escourted us all over the site. We were given so much information, it was hard to take it all in.  We learnt of the harsh punishments the women endured for even the pettiest crimes, and how they were given to free settlers, to be a servant and even as wives. The women had no choice in this arrangement.

These convict women were often returned at the whim of the “Free Settler”. Three classes of convicts resided within the Female Factory, identified by the type of cap they wore. I was very pleased to hear the upper-class convict could be identified by the lace on her mop cap. As all my mop caps have lace, I was pleased to hear this.

The sandstone for the buildings was quarried from the site.  The supervisor knew how many bricks each convict had created each day as each convict had their own “pattern” that they incorporated into the bricks. 

After a brisk walk to the Parramatta Leagues club a tasty lunch which was enjoyed by all.        



Built from locally quarried sandstone.