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This page covers various aspects of communication between members and with the committee.


Club Electronic Communication Policy

As approved by Committee June 2021



A Message from the Committee about electronic communications to members.

Dear Members,

We would like to take a moment to remind you that sometimes when an email message is sent to a large group of people at once, that some internet providers assume the message is junk / spam / trash and sends the message directly to one of these folders, instead of sending it to your inbox.

So, could we please ask that you check your Junk Mail, Spam and / or Trash folders regularly to make sure that club emails are not going there. If they are, you can "train" them to eventually go to your inbox, by clicking "NOT SPAM" on the email. After a few messages these emails should then go to your inbox correctly in the future as it will recognise the sender's email address. You would possibly need to do this for emails from our membership officer, or the club email account, and if your email address changes, please let the membership officer or secretary know.

The Newsletter is sent regularly around the time of the General Meeting, but its suggested you check regularly for other updates as we are using email more often to communicate with you all during Covid-19 restrictions.

We also remind you to check the club's website for updates, especially for activities for the upcoming month.

All members are invited to join the Club's Facebook Page. "Rouse Hill Probus" is a closed page so you will need to (a) be a paid up member of the club, and (b) send a request to the administrators on the page to join.

From time to time our club monthly meetings may need to be held via Zoom if we can not meet Face to Face due to Covid-19 venue restrictions, so if you would like help becoming a "Zoomer" please email the club and we will try to help you.