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Crafty Ladies is a ladies only group led by Chris K and Denise A and meets at 10:00 on the fourth Monday of the month. Our meeting place changes so read the monthly sign on sheets.

This group of ladies brings along whatever craft project they are currently working on and members are more than happy to share their ideas and crafting skills with others in the group. The ladies live up the group's name but it could also be called Chatty Ladies!! The end result is smiles and lifted spirits.

IMPORTANT : Face-to-face activities for this Interest Group are restricted in numbers until further notice (Refer to the “Health and Safety Updates” page for further information).

Leader Chris has set up a Facebook group for the Crafty Ladies where we can all show and tell all our beautiful works.  Thank goodness we have our crafts to keep us sane.



* 27th February, 2023

* Report for September 2022

Just a few photos from Crafty Ladies, showing the many talents of our ladies.

 Margaret V's beautiful quilt is a few stitches away from completion.

 Barbara and Maria have found colouring and “join the dots” very relaxing.

Our knitters and crocheters are industrious in with their creations and happy to share ideas and patterns.

Beautiful work ladies.


* Report for February 2021

Crafty Ladies continue to meet in the great outdoors at Rouse Hill Regional Park.  We have a great time chatting and sharing ideas and jokes.  The craft work is really impressive with some beautiful baby blankets and stitching being done by our ladies.  The number of ladies coming to the group each month has increased as word has spread to new members (and longer term members). We are continuing to enjoy these meetings in the park as long as the weather will permit. 

Happy stitching ladies.


* Report for January 2021

Last month our meeting was held at two separate venues.  Plans were changed on the morning of the meeting due to the weather forecast being for a very hot day.  Most of the ladies on the list were notified of the change that morning and most attended in the cool seating area of the Rouse Hill Town Centre food court.  This had the double advantage of being able to purchase a coffee/cake and to sit comfortably where we could talk, sew, knit and crochet.  Most of the ladies did actually pull their work from their bags and do a little bit. Carmel H has decided to continue working on her large quilt and we are all looking forward to seeing the completed work.  Pat H has been crocheting baby blankets and her great granddaughter is the proud owner of a new blanket.  Chris has completed her La Passacaglia quilt and is very pleased with it. 

The five ladies who went to the Park had a good morning too.  They were surprised that the pavilion at the park was relatively cool with a breeze keeping the temperature down to a comfortable level.  Thank you for your understanding of the venue change so late on the day ladies.

Any change of plans will be notified before the day in future.

* June Report

Crafty ladies held a zoom meeting last month.  This was a bit of an experiment to test if I could do it for one, and to see if we could manage the discussion as we are a very chatty group.  There was a mix up with the password- was it a zero or 'o' at the beginning.  Turned a few people away after their initial attempts were not successful. There were seven of us and it was lovely to see familiar faces and some of their show and tell work. Keep it going ladies. We are hoping we have an "in home" meeting this month.
Good crafting ladies

*May Report

A few of the ladies have posted work they have completed during the past month.  One memorable one was a quilt made by Laraine.  It was a stunning quilt which she has now completed after having it sitting waiting for a few years.  Other ladies have been knitting, crocheting and stitching. It is a great thing to have a craft of some type to work on when we are stuck at home.  Or you could say it is a great excuse to sit and sew, knit, crochet, paint or whatever craft we choose.
Have a great crafty month ladies.  Don't forget to post you work on Facebook to show us your talent.

*February Meeting

The meeting in February was, as usual a happy, chatty meeting.  The group are very industrious and while chatting and laughing with each other, the ladies are actually either stitching cross stitch, crocheting beautiful rugs, knitting various articles or learning new techniques.  It is a very friendly group and all the ladies really enjoy each meeting and the companionship and friendship.  My neighbours have commented on the happy noise of laughter and chatting they hear coming through my front door.

The next meeting will be held at Denise A’s.  please contact either Denise or myself if you don’t have the particulars of her address.

Regards, Chris

*End of Year Report and November Meeting

Crafty Ladies has had a wonderful 2019.  The ladies have enjoyed their monthly chats and the craft which “just happens” while they are chatting.  It is a happy group with many new and interesting crafts being shown.  Rugs, scarves, tapestries, cross stitches, knitting and patchwork all being displayed during the year. Our ladies are very talented and love to show their skills to others.  We welcome any newcomers and can always find room for more. Even if you think you aren’t crafty there is always a chat and delicious morning tea to be had.  The next meeting will be at Chris’ new home. Please phone Chris for the address.  Her number is in the newsletter.

Thanks to Denise once again for her support and holding many of the meetings this year.  You are an angel, Denise.

Thanks to all the crafty ladies for their support for myself and each other, you are all wonderful friends and most appreciated. Regards to all, Chris

Our next meeting, 25th November,  will be our last for the year and we will be having a Christmas morning tea.  The meeting will be at my new home. My phone number is the same and anyone can contact me to find their way here. All are welcome including any new ladies who would like to join us for a Christmas get together. Chris.