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Golf Group  is a mixed group led by Les D and meets on various days as notified

This group of mixed ability golfers meet for a rousing game of golf as organised, followed by a healthy and well earned lunch and a cool drink or a coffee. They add fitness to our Probus values of friendship, fellowship and fun!



* 27th October, 2022  -  Richmond Golf Club

10.30 Hit Off – 9 holes of Golf

 RSVP to Les by 14/10/2022


* Report for July 2022

Probus Golf was at Richmond today with 9 Probus members. Barry had an interesting position for his ball but elected to take a drop.

"They said it was a par tree hole!"


 *February Golf Report

On Thursday 27th February, a small but keen group of 7 Probians arrived at Richmond Golf Club, buggies and clubs at the ready for a ten am Tee Off.  Three of the more serious players (Brian, Ralph and Richard) went on ahead of our group of four to play "Real Golf". Being newbys to the game, Peter and I bashed and crashed our way around the course, with great support from the very patient Ian and Les.  We had such a good game, we played Ambrose rules which meant Les, (with very little help from me)  won the game.

Along the way,  we hit into the long grass,  lost golf balls in the water,  sang a few songs,  walked over 10,000 steps and I very nearly managed to walk away with Ian's golf clubs. I'll try harder next time.

What a great way to enjoy the fun, friendship and fellowship of a Probus outing. We met up with the others at the 19th hole for food and a well deserved cool drink at lunchtime. We hope to see more of you on the course next time.

Thanks Les for arranging the day out.
Frances G