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The “Les Soirées” Music Group is a mixed group led by Peter V.

The group will meet every first Monday at 2.00pm when we will practice to perform songs we might remember from our younger days; songs such as Blue Moon of Kentucky, Cotton Fields, Sixteen Tons, and Bee Bop A Lula, etc., and to have occasional soirées of cocktails and canapés to have a hootenanny. We will practice in premises offered to us by group members. These include Retirement Village facilities, Church Halls, private homes and a music shop practice room. Practice venues will be recorded on the sign on sheets on display at every General Meeting. We are looking for people who would like to sing or play instruments for fun, the emphasis being on fun rather than on musical expertise.


* This is to advise that members of Les Soirees music group have voted to have their first post-lock-down practice session on the first Monday of February 2022.

There will be NO EVENTS in November or December 2021 or January 2022.


* June Report

We learnt a few new songs expertly accompanied at piano and ukulele by Brian and Barbara and all went well, especially the tea provided by Marlies with help from her friends. (Maybe our next song will be “With A Little Help From My Friends”)?

The new venue was terrific and Dieter has been quick off the mark in booking the same venue for next month. Thank you Dieter. Other than one apology and absence of Ron who is recovering progressively well from surgery, we had a full complement of attendees.

Our next meeting will be at 2.00pm on Monday 5th July at the same practice room.

Peter V


* Report on Meeting of Monday 3rd May

Thank you to a wonderful turnout of 9 singers, special thanks to Brian our music aficionado, and also to 4 fan-clubbers who provided great tea and tucker, which was AWESOME. Our one hour of singing was enthusiastic and full of life energy released from good spirits and souls, which augers well for future performance development.

Some minor teething problems presented themselves arising from me choosing a few pieces of music not well known to some singers, and in some instances, it would have been more appropriate for me to supply our pianist with full music scores rather than rudimentary chord annotations. These initial problems are easy to resolve, and our next event will be built better
on the experience of the first.

The bottom line is that we had to work as a team which we did with exuberant accomplishment; and it seems everyone came out smiling.


First Meeting