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Lets Take Photos is a mixed group, led by Bill F.

The group meets on the 2nd Friday of each month. This interest group is for anyone who likes to wander around some of the stunning Sydney locations, and take photos, whether it is on a DSLR, Phone, Tablet or Point and Shoot Camera, is welcome to come along, as is anyone who likes to walk around wonderful places with people who like to take photos.

The group is NOT a "learn how to take photos" group. The Lets Take Photos group has a closed facebook page and members enjoy posting and sharing the photos taken on these days out.

IMPORTANT : Activities for this Interest Group are restricted in numbers until further notice (Refer to the “Health and Safety Updates” page for further information)




* 13th October 2023 - To Be Advised

* Report for August 2023 – Richmond

Today LTP visited Pugh’s Lagoon Richmond. The weather was perfect, the bird life, the subject of the visit, was limited. Just being out there on a nice day was enough.


Little Pied Cormorant


Little Pied Cormorant                                                                   Donald Duck


Australian Wood Duck                                                                           Dusty Moorhen



* Report for July 2023 – Miller’s Point

On Friday LTP toured from Circular Quay to Millers Point via Walsh Bay and Barangaroo. The weather was great - lovely sunshine, not too hot. Circular Quay was brimming with food stalls for Bastille Day, after Coffee we set off on our image seeking walk, a few images are attached. Lunch was enjoyed at one of the early hotels in Millers Point, The Hero of Waterloo. A worthwhile visit.


Lunch at Millers Point                                                                               Walsh Bay

Circular Quay

Walsh Bay

Millers Point


* Report for June 2023

LTP visited the Australian National Maritime Museum on Friday the 9th of June. The weather was fine but cool. At 10:00 am we had coffee and cake at Ripples Café before doing an in depth tour of the Onslow ( submarine ), the Vampire ( destroyer ) and the Endeavour. The Onslow is very compact & interesting, Vampire had plenty of room in comparison and the Endeavour was fantastic – amazing what Cook did in the original vessel. We all enjoyed our time there plus our lunch at the Canteen Food Court.


HMAS Onslow                                                                                                             HMAS Onslow Diesel Engines


HMAS Otway Forward Torpedo Tubes                                         HMAS Vampire Captain's Control Station


HMAS Vampire Bofor Anti-aircraft Guns                                                    HMAS Vampire Rear 4.7 inch Guns


HMAS Vampire                                                                                                  Endeavour Deck


HMS Endeavour Replica                                          Below Decks on HMS Endeavour


* Report for May 2023 - Central Station

LTP visited Central Station on Friday to see the new work that is being carried out and still ongoing. The Station was built in 1906, improvements are being made to city electric platforms and the intercity platforms also a new stop for the Metro. Coffee at the Eternity Café/Bar on arrival and lunch at China Town to finish the day.



* Report for April, 2023 – Thirlmere

LTP visited the NSW Rail Museum at Thirlmere this month. The Museum is very well set up to appeals to all ages. The heritage precinct includes Thirlmere Station (1885), Stationmaster’s Cottage (1891) and the Co-op Shed. The “Off the rail café “ in Oaks Road was perfect for morning coffee and lunch. We all enjoyed the visit and can highly recommend it!


* Report for March 2023 – Darlinghurst Gaol

Today, Friday the 10th March 2023, Let’s take photos visited the site of Darlinghurst Gaol a former prison located in Darlinghurst NSW. The heritage listed building, predominately designed by Colonial Architect Mortimer Lewis, was closed in 1914 and has subsequently been repurposed to house the National Art School.

Construction commenced with the pegging out by Francis Greenway in 1821. The goal walls began in 1822 and finished in 1824 using convict labour, but due to the lack of funds, the site sat empty for 12 years. Construction of the rest of the complex did not begin until 1836 with completion of some of the cell blocks in 1840. The gaol was ready for occupation a year later, with prisoners occupying the gaol on the 7th of June 1841.

The Goal was finally completed in 1885. It was great to see and photograph this early history of Sydney also great that the site now houses the National Art School. 



* Report for February, 2023 – Bedlam Bay

Friday the 10th of February we drove down Punt Road to explore the grounds of the old Gladesville Mental Hospital. The site sits between Victoria Road and Bedlam Bay. The Hospital dates from 1837 and was closed in 1993. The grounds belong to NSW Department of Health. The early buildings were constructed using Sydney sandstone, later ones using brick. The grounds are well maintained, plenty of mowing and gardening going on! It was a very warm and sticky day, the shade of the trees and a cooling breeze was appreciated by our group. All in all an interesting day out.




* Report for December 2022 - Newtown Street Art.

LTP visited Newtown on Friday the 9th of December, a good day’s outing viewing & photographing Street Art.  There are some great examples of this art form around the Newtown area. We spied some new artworks that had been painted since our last visit. The group had a good coffee at a café/bar in King Street to start our adventure. Around 12:30 pm, after we had completed our circuit of Newtown, we caught a bus back to Sydney & lunched at the food court off Pitt Street.

Cheers Bill





* Report for August 2022 - Newtown Street Art

With two previous attempts thwarted by either weather or industrial action we finally made it into Newtown today. We ignored the weather forecast and the train dispute, travelling by bus all the way. As for the weather overcast and only a few spots of rain. We explored an area enclosed by Church St, Lennox St, Station St and Bedford St. The street art was varied and interesting – enjoy.