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Lets Take Photos is a mixed group, led by Bill F.

 The group meets on the 2nd Friday of each month. This interest group is for anyone who likes to wander around some of the stunning Sydney locations, and take photos, whether it is on a DSLR, Phone, Tablet or Point and Shoot Camera, is welcome to come along, as is anyone who likes to walk around wonderful places with people who like to take photos.

The group is NOT a "learn how to take photos" group. The Lets Take Photos group has a closed facebook page and members enjoy posting and sharing the photos taken on these days out.

IMPORTANT : Activities for this Interest Group are restricted in numbers until further notice (Refer to the “Health and Safety Updates” page for further information)



* Friday 10th February, 2023 – Bedlam Bay

Let’s take photos visits Bedlam Bay Gladesville on Friday the 10th Feb 2023.

The group is limited to 10 people.

Please register your interest by Friday the 3rd Feb 2023 supplying your mobile number – my contact details are in the newsletter. Meeting details will be supplied after the 3rd of February.

Hazards – it takes a couple of hours to walk around the area, uneven ground,  steep hills and driving.

If sick don’t attend and advise me


* Report for December 2022 - Newtown Street Art.

LTP visited Newtown on Friday the 9th of December, a good day’s outing viewing & photographing Street Art.  There are some great examples of this art form around the Newtown area. We spied some new artworks that had been painted since our last visit. The group had a good coffee at a café/bar in King Street to start our adventure. Around 12:30 pm, after we had completed our circuit of Newtown, we caught a bus back to Sydney & lunched at the food court off Pitt Street.

Cheers Bill





* Report for August 2022 - Newtown Street Art

With two previous attempts thwarted by either weather or industrial action we finally made it into Newtown today. We ignored the weather forecast and the train dispute, travelling by bus all the way. As for the weather overcast and only a few spots of rain. We explored an area enclosed by Church St, Lennox St, Station St and Bedford St. The street art was varied and interesting – enjoy.


*  Report forJune 2022 - Darling Harbour, Cockle Bay and Barangaroo

Let’s take photos visited Barangaroo, Darling Harbour and Cockle Bay on Friday the 10th June 2022. Our theme for the day was “ Buildings and Boats “ so we had plenty to choose from! The morning weather was very crisp, a hot beverage was welcome before we started snapping images. As the morning progressed and the sun rose higher in the sky it became quite pleasant. Many changes have occurred in this area since 2020, it was interesting to capture some of the changes in our photography. We lunched at the Canteen food court and talked about many things. Another great day out!!!

Cheers Bill





* May Report - The Cutaway, Barangaroo

Let’s take photos visited 2022 Sydney Biennale at the Cutaway at Barangaroo. I was in a quandary over the weather forecast on Thursday night – cancel or go – I decide to go and fortunately the weather though overcast was OK. A coffee break at the Canteen after the train ride in then a leisurely walk to the Cutaway, a group photo and the search for some good images. Around 12:45pm we headed back to the Canteen for a well earned lunch, a chat and a sit down. 2:00pm we headed back to Wynyard Station and home. A good session enjoyed by all of us.

Cheers Bill



* March Report - Let’s take Photos visits Sydney Zoo.

After a very wet few weeks we were very happy to be able to go to our planned outing. Even the traffic was OK getting there. A beverage on arrival at the Boulevarde Eatery allowed for a catch up before the serious business of trying to take the ever elusive “great photo” but we had fun trying!

Around 1 pm we met at the Boulvarde Eatery for lunch and more chat. We all agreed it was a worthwhile venue and the layout of the zoo allowed good access for photography.


* December Report – Little Hartley 

Let’s Take Photos visited Little Hartley on Friday the 10th of December 2021. It was more like a winter visit quite cool, wet & windy not typical December weather.

Little Hartley is a small village with a big history. The banks of the Lett River were set aside as a Crown Reserve in 1823, Hartley was not gazetted until 1838. By then a new police district had been established and a courthouse built, making Hartley the centre of justice and administration between Sydney and Bathurst. For over 50 years it remained one of the most prominent towns west of the Blue Mountains.

When the Great Western Highway bypassed the village, Lithgow and Bathurst took on the role of regional administrative centres.

It was, despite the weather, a great day out.



  Courthouse Facade


  Courthouse Rear