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This men only group meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month for a pub lunch and lots of "manly" conversations. This group is led by Peter G.

Marvellous Men on Zoom - is a mens only group, run via Zoom by Bill Fiedler on 4th Tuesday of each month. RSVP to Bill who will send you the link via email to join in the chatter and put the world to rights.


This group meet over a good pub lunch and perhaps a beer, and provides an opportunity for the Marvellous Men of the Probus Club of Rouse Hill to get together to talk "secret men's business" or perhaps solve all the problems of the world.  From January 2019 the group meets at The Mean Fiddler on Windsor Road, at 12 noon,  but as the venue may change from time to time, please check the sign on sheets, or contact Peter G for more information.

IMPORTANT : Face-to-face activities for this Interest Group are restricted in numbers until further notice (Refer to the “Health and Safety Updates” page for further information).


* Tuesday 14th December 2021 – Pub Lunch at the Fiddler

Once again our Marvellous Men are meeting at

The Fiddler  12 noon

RSVP to Peter G 10/12/2021


* Report for June 2021

June’s MM meeting involved 15 club members at the Fiddler and all enjoyed the camaraderie.

We all hope those who couldn’t make the meeting due to health issues are on the mend and can make the next meeting. As per usual secret men’s business was discussed, with solutions to most of the world’s problems suggested, although I don’t think many would take heed of us.

Peter G



* Report for May

This month’s Marvellous Men was another success, with 16 attendees at the Fiddler.

It is great that many of our male Probians want to meet and enjoy each others company. As per usual, we have the solutions to the world’s issues,…. if only. A wide variety of topics are discussed along with the consumption of good food and a little drink.

Looking forward to the next meeting which is also booked at the Fiddler for the Tuesday 8th June, 12 noon, please notify me if you intend to be there,

Cheers, Peter G


* October Report

October’s meeting was marvelous, with kudos to Barry Clarke for having the bright idea of approaching the Fiddler for the use of a private room which gave us a higher level of Covid safety.

Our meeting had 4 tables of members who enjoyed a great meal, some drink and animated discussions. The topics were varied and all members seemed to participate. It is good to see the popularity of the meeting and all look forward to next month’s meeting.

Peter G



 * September Report

Our first MM zoom meeting for September was held on the 8th. We had 7 members on line, some of our regulars were unable to attend. We had discussions on many subjects – health, local news, overseas news etc.

Howard’s background images on his green  screen were very impressive. Why not join us for our next zoom meeting on the 22nd of September.  A few images are attached for your enjoyment.

Cheers Bill


* August Report

We logged on at 4:00 PM – 9 intrepid  men  joined  in  to discuss  many  topics  -  we  were impressed with Howard’s  backing  screen  showing  an  image  of  his much loved  Karman  Ghia  coupe  and  we  are  waiting  with  anticipation  for  his  backing  screen  for the  next  Zoom  meeting.  This  of  course  started  lively  discussions  about  our  collective  motoring  history  -  great  fun  hearing  our  stories. Health  also  featured  in  our  talks  -  our  health and  the  current  state  of Covid-19.  Overall  a great  meeting  and  as always  good  to  catch  up with  our  Probus  buddies.

Cheers Bill F  


                                                                   August Boys   

* July Report

It’s July and Marvellous Men had their first Zoom Meeting  of the month on Tuesday the 14th. We had 12 MMs brave the winter conditions, turned on and tuned  in for another great meeting. It was good to greet the guys as they joined the meeting and find out what they had been up to. John F couldn’t make it saying his past life had caught up with him – this could be interesting! Once again we solved many problems. We went into breakout rooms  consisting of 3 men  in each room – it was going to be for 20 minutes but I was having such a good chat with Howard S and Peter G that it went on for 30 odd minutes. Then back to the main group for a bit more talk and goodbyes. Join us for the next Marvellous Men  Meeting on the 28th of July.

Cheers Bill F


* June Report

Zoom Meeting.

12 intrepid zoomers logged on to the meeting at 4:00 PM. It was great to see, greet and chat to our Probus mates. Many topics were covered plus important updates on what we had been doing to keep ourselves amused. The meeting broke up around 5:30 PM  -  Time well spent!!

Cheers Bill F



* March Report

10 marvellous men met on Tuesday, with less Peters than usual (only 2), but it was great to see irregular attendees, Mal and David. A new member, Richard also attended and I hope he enjoyed it. Discussions were wide ranging, including the current health issue, travel and the share market turbulence.

Saint Les, presented Barry with a cupcake for his birthday and we all sang happy birthday with moderate gusto. All in all a great meeting, many more to come.


*February Report

Tuesday 11th February saw the return of the marvellous men group.
There was a great turn-up with 11 attendees, which is a significant number of the male members of the club. As usual 5 Peters there, we were nearly a majority. It was also good to see Graham.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, drink and camaraderie, and the world is probably better for our creative solutions to the big issues.
All in all, a very good meeting with lots of secret men’s business discussed.