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A chance for members to post common interest items


*A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A ROUSE HILL PROBUS FACEBOOK USER, Who doesn’t quite know what she’s doing.

Having a Facebook page dedicated only to our club members is a wonderful idea. We can keep in touch, exchange news and photos, share jokes and so much more. I really enjoy the experience, well, most of the time!

Thinking I had a handle on this stuff, I decided to POST AN EVENT. After all, how hard could it be? Some had already created events. Ah! But they don’t possess my computer skills (read lack of!!!)

I typed my piece on my iPad in a nifty place called Pages. Alas, I knew not how to get it onto Facebook. Bright idea, I typed it in Word on Barry’s computer, printed it, then photographed it with my iPad so I could post it in Facebook. It worked! I could see it. I had created an Event. Big pat on back, self-administered because of social isolation.

Now the trouble started. No-one could open it, see it etc. Contact Frances. We tried several things, including a video call on my iPad, which I didn’t know I could do. (At least I learned something). Tried a few other things. Poor Frances at this point was ripping her hair out, whilst staying very sweet and patient with me.

Solution: Delete the Event and post the manually retyped (upon iPad) Story part 1. Barry had meanwhile set up Facebook on our new laptop, with all sorts of settings, including one where only Friends can see my posts. It sort of works for me, but there are funny things happening on either side of the actual posts, leaving only a narrow column for what I want to look at.

Some members still have trouble accessing my posted story to continue it. Solution to that problem? Ask someone who knows what they’re doing. Meanwhile I watch YouTube to try to learn more about using Facebook  and am getting nowhere fast. Bring on the end to isolation and then I can sit down with some kind person, with lots of patience, who can walk me through it. THE END.