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The Walking Group led by Ralph S and is on the first Friday of the month.

IMPORTANT : Activities for this Interest Group are restricted to those members who pre-book until further notice


A WALKING TOPICS post has been created in the club Facebook Group. Walkers are encouraged to add or describe the walks they are doing and any interesting things that may happen. Any member is invited to comment on those walks.


SCROLL DOWN to a list of things to help members to plan and the benefits of walking and a couple of links regarding local walks through the council web sites.


* February 2023 - In recess

As Ralph will be away during February and March if anybody would like to lead this group for a walk

please advise Jane


 * Report for June 2022 - Queen Victoria Building to Fish Market and back to Town Hall station.

Thank you” to all those who wanted to attend the walk

 On Friday June 3rd, 2022, thirteen (13) members attended the monthly walk.

The walk started from QVB down towards Darling Harbour, the crossing the Pyrmont Bridge and then joining the Johnstons Bay Harbour walk to arrive at the Fish Markets light rail station. On the way we saw some spectacular view of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the old Victoria Road swing bridge which is still standing. Proceeding to the light rail station for a trip back to Paddies Market station for Lunch

Well, done to all.

Ralph and Marie.

"Always enjoy your walk and be safe"