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Shirley Ellis

President's Report


Welcome old & new members.

When approached by Pierina Dick to become Vice President under her leadership, I was a little apprehensive.  But with all Pierina’s patience and guidance I became very confident to carry out the position of President.  Hopefully all the committee members enjoyed working with me as President.  As I loved working with all of them.

Sandy McGregor - Secretary: Thank you for all your help directly to me, and, also keeping our club & board membership on the straight and narrow road.

John Dixon - Treasurer: Well, what can I say about our procrastinating treasurer, he does such a great job with the aplomb of a bank manager. I will sorely miss our coffee meetings at the bank.

George Hannaford – Membership: It is always a good feeling to arrive at our meeting to be greeted by the smiling face of George, who keeps us up to date with membership numbers, birthdays and jokes.

Marj Martin – Newsletter: To be also greeted by Marj with a smile and a copy of our monthly newsletter is wonderful and not an easy job.  As she puts in a lot of detail.

Liz Carroll – Welfare Officer: Liz and I came onto the board together which was the start of our apprenticeship.  Liz has taken the role of welfare officer with wonderful enthusiasm and compassion.  Sending out special birthday cards, get well cards and sympathy cards, and, also visiting members as much as possible to help cheer them up.  Also keeping our members up to date with other members’ wellbeing.

Chris Jackson – Website: As our web page specialist Chris does a great job and is always there to help with all committee members in relation to the computer abilities.

Connie & Tony Minogue – Day Tours: As a great team they have served our club doing day trips which everybody thoroughly enjoyed.  We will miss them in this capacity, but they’ll still be around, and we can all enjoy their company.  Thank you both very much for your efforts over the last few years.

Sandra Baillie – Theatre Co-Ordinator: Sandra does a wonderful job organizing theatre groups, Good old days, this takes a lot of time & effort on her part and deserves a very big thank you.

Emma Leermakers – Guest Speakers: Emma has sourced out some wonderful guest speakers which make our meetings so enjoyable. A job well done.

Overnight Tours – My Husband (Mal): What can I say but without my guidance and patience he would still be working on the first trip. But as he is a quick learner, he is doing a great job.

Don Baillie – Vice President: As much as Don has struggled with some Health problems the past 12 months, he has done a great job with the spice of life, even though people are shying away from volunteering.  Also, I wish Don all the best in his upcoming year as our new president.

A very big thank you to the following members who organize our day activities.

Toni Pratley – Walks

Margaret Mohan – Morning Book Club

Denise Shakeshaft – Afternoon Book Club

Lisle Howard & Ann Williams – Music Appreciation

Jim Mohan – Lawn Bowls

Helene Sharp – Women’s Luncheons

Ken Burkett – Mens table of knowledge

Mary Laverack – Krazy Whist & trivia

Tony Minogue – Table Tennis

I’d like to acknowledge & thank the management and staff of Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club for the continued support of our club and into the future.

And, also, thank you to Brian Godsell, our Returning Officer and to Ray McWhinney our Auditor.

This has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience for me making so many new friends, enjoying the responsibility that the role of President comes with.  I feel that I was just getting confident with the position of President and would have enjoyed another year. 

I would like to encourage both new and old members to think about taking a position on the committee as this is rewarding, and, also gives a good understanding of the operation of our club.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement from both committee and members.


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