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Book Clubs



 We meet once a month at 10:30am and discuss a ‘chosen’ book from a wide genre of books.


We meet once a month at 2pm and discuss a ‘chosen’ book from a wide genre of books.


Sport & Recreation

Lawn Bowls

March 2024 - Suspended for the next few months due to the closure of Denistone Sports Club.

Table Tennis

Limber up for a game every Tuesday at 10:30am, finishing around 12 noon at the tennis club house at Kings Park, Salter Crescent, Denistone East (near Denistone East Public School). Join us for some fun, have a laugh and maybe improve your fitness.



Get to know some of our regular walkers on a monthly walk-about to some old favourite sites and hidden gems of our  city and suburbs.


Special Interest Groups


Movie Group

Once a month on a Monday, we meet at Macquarie Centre Cinema Box Office to purchase tickets enabling all of us to  sit together. Each member of the group gets the opportunity to pick a movie and we all enjoy lunch afterwards in a café in the  centre.


Music Appreciation

Held every 3 months, we have two sessions, 10am and 2pm and meet at the home of one of our members. We also ‘bring a  small plate’ to share with our morning or afternoon tea/coffee.




Sandra always lets us know when the latest musicals are coming on and then busily organises tickets for us.



We regularly attend the “Good Old Days” concerts & once again, Sandra goes out of her way to ensure we have the best seats available.



4 times a year, we attend Club Ryde, 728 Victoria Road, Ryde, the new 'home' of Hunters Hill Theatre, for their latest play.


One day Events & Outings


Mens’ Luncheon

All men are most welcome to this luncheon, once a month, which is held at the Noble Terrace Chinese Restaurant, Coxs Rd, North Ryde at 12noon to have  a ‘natter’ and a bite to eat.


Ladies Luncheon

All ladies are invited to come along and enjoy good food, lively conversation and great company. The luncheons are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month & we try different venues.


Krazy Whist

Brush up on your card skills, have some fun and a laugh. Several times a year, the games are off and running.


For all you knowledgeable ‘nerds’ this is for you. Well, it’s more a matter of luck then how brainy you are! We get our heads together, several times a year.


Day trips

We are offered a full day out and about once a month.  We might visit a garden, go on a ‘Fish n Chip’ cruise up the Hawkesbury, visit Parliament House  with High Tea, or enjoy a coffee cruise on Sydney Harbour.  There’s always something different to look forward to.

Special Events

Throughout the year we have a few events that are ‘special’. One of these is our Christmas Luncheon.

Overnight Tours


Twice a year, we are offered a trip away. The duration depends on where we go and can vary from 7 – 14 days.

These ‘away’ tours have previously included a trip to New Zealand, a visit to the Mid North Coast, Canberra &  surrounds, Toowoomba and the Murray & High Country region, basing ourselves in Yarrawonga. If you’d like to travel to exciting new places among a warm and friendly bunch of people, these trips are just the thing.