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You’re welcome to come along to our meetings, up to 3, if you like, without any obligation to join.  




There is no cost involved in your attendance.  


10:30am   -   3rd Monday of the month

    Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club (Ryedale Room)


  We would, however, like you to contact Sandy (Mob: 0438 194 923) or Don (Tel: 9869 2857) and let them know that you’d like to come along.  The reason for this is so that we can organise for one of our members to greet you. 
    When you arrive, there will be someone to meet you & we will ask you to complete a simple form with your name and contact number. After this, we will find you a seat and introduce you to whoever is nearby, or, if you already know someone, we’ll help you find where they are sitting.  
    Whilst our meetings are ‘structured’ they are fairly informal and we do have some very interesting guest speakers.  

  If you would also like to come along to one of our Day Outings, you are more than welcome.  Most of these outings are approximately $70 - $80 & non members pay slightly more. Some outings are very popular, and if you are interested in one of those, please be aware that we will favour our members first.  


Finally, in a nutshell;

  • you are welcome to come along to our meetings (3 or 4) with no obligation to join and at no cost.
  • You are also more than welcome to come along to one of our day outings. Information & costs etc. can be found under Day Outings. 

Our club is full of warm and friendly people who love life and all it has to offer, so why not come along and “try us out”.

     Like to become a member?


If you would like to become a member, please have a chat with Sandy, Don or George, our membership officer, who will provide you with an Application form & any information.

There is a ‘one off’ joining fee of $20 and the annual fee is $45 ($65 for the first year, then $45 per annum).