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Roles & Responsibilities







President   1 year   The main role of the President is to provide leadership and direction to the Management Committee to ensure the Club embodies the true spirit of Probus – friendship, fellowship and fun. The President also chairs General meetings & Committee meetings.

Past President   1 year   The main role of the Past President is to offer support and advice, and to assist with the succession of the new President.

President Elect   1 year   The main role of the President Elect is to assist the President in providing leadership and direction to the Management Committee to ensure the Club embodies the true spirit of Probus – friendship, fellowship and fun.

 Note:       The President of the club is actually a 3 year term;

              year 1 -- President Elect,

              year 2 -- President and

              year 3 -- Past President.

Secretary   1 year   The main role of the Secretary is to support the President to ensure the Management Committee functions smoothly.
The Secretary is responsible for ensuring meetings are effectively organised and minuted, as well as maintain up-to-date records and be the key point of contact for the Club.

Treasurer   1 year   The main role of the Treasurer is to ensure that clear and accurate financial records are maintained and that all funds are accounted for.
It is not essential to have accountancy qualifications however, it is desirable that the Treasurer be familiar with bookkeeping and banking procedures.

Membership Officer   1 year   The main role of the Membership Officer is to maintain up-to-date membership records, management of membership applications, visitor sign in forms and assists with membership retention and growth.
The Membership Officer meets & greets members and attends to new members and visitors

Welfare Officer   1 year   This role is for someone with empathy and a wonderful caring nature. The Welfare Officer keeps in contact with sick or bereaved members & families.

Day outings   1 year   The role of the Day Outings Officer(s) can be exciting & rewarding. Outings are planned & organised some months ahead & requires organizational skills, patience & imagination.

Overnight tours   1 year   The Tour Officer’s role is exciting & challenging. It takes a special kind of organizational skill to arrange tours either domestic or overseas which interest our members. It has proven, however, very rewarding, when members congratulate the Tour Officer on a wonderful trip.

Guest Speakers    1 year   The Guest Speaker Officer arranges for interesting speakers which is one of the most important and challenging roles in the Club. Whilst this may sound daunting, there are lists of speakers to choose from, the challenge is to find the ones that our Club members would enjoy. 

Newsletter Editor   1 year   The main role of the Newsletter Editor is to obtain & collate news, announcements, outings, theatres etc. and publish them in the Newsletter and also arrange printing.  The Newsletter Editor also assists the Membership Officer to meet & greet members, new members and visitors.

Theatres   1 year   This role is responsible for selecting suitable shows, attend previews of new shows, purchase & allocate tickets, as well as collect monies. 

Website Manager   1 year   The main role of the Website Manager is to keep the website up-to-date by publishing the Newsletters, Event Calendars, Day Outings, Overnight Tours and any other relevant information.

Note:       All the above positions are for 1 year.
    If the person in the role wishes to continue after the 1st year, they may do so. (They nominate again the next year)
    The maximum term is 3 years, however, if no one wishes to take the role, then the person in the role can continue, if they wish. (No nomination is needed)

 Support Team   

Our team covers:
Book Clubs, Bowls, Walks, Table Tennis, Movies, Music Appreciation, Mens Lunch,
Ladies Luncheons, Krazy Whist & Trivia

Activities Officers   No set term   Our Support Team consists of a wonderful bunch of people who have great social & communication skills.  

Note:       All the Activities Officers in our Support Team, have no set period in their roles.
If someone does not wish to continue in one of these roles, they will, normally, find someone else to take on that particular activity.  


 If you'd like a bit more information on what the Committee & Support Team does, click here Committee_-_Roles__Responsibilities_-_web_2Sept_2019.pdf