AUS: 1300 630 488    NZ: 0800 1477 6287

A Snap Shot of our Club

Our Club belongs to Rotary District 9780 and is based in Belmont, a suburb of Geelong. 

Our General Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month from 9.45 am to 12 noon in the Masonic Centre, 25-27 Regent Street, Belmont and are usually followed by lunch at a predetermined venue.

Management Committee meetings are normally held on the third Thursday of the month at 9.30 a.m.

Our Club endeavours to

  1. Provide a range of opportunities and activities for our members which will keep their minds active and expand their interests
  2. Promote the 3 F's of Probus which are Fellowship, Friendship and Fun
  3. Provide a caring and supportive climate for all members at all times.
  4. Be always mindful of the needs of members by constantly seeking input and feedback from them.
  5. Be proactive in establishing strategies and practices that are aimed at ensuring the safety and well being of members during all approved Probus Club activities and functions. (See our Risk Management Policy in the Important Club Documents page) 
  6. Be proactive in maintaining membership at an optimum level.

Why Should You Join Our Club?

  1. We are still a relatively young Club having been launched in November 2006.
  2. We schedule a very wide range of Interest Groups or Activities (see below).
  3. We are successfully meeting our objectives as stated above.
  4.  We fully endorse the sentiments expressed in this PSP Press Release. (5 April 2019)

Current Membership


75 members - 55 ladies and 20 gents.   After 14 years of operation we still have 27 of the original 91 Foundation Members on our books. 

Current Activities


In 2020-21 the following activities have been scheduled up until the lock down procedures:

  • Afternoon Coffee (Coffee Lovers)once a month
  • Barefoot Bowling in November (an annual event)
  • Bocce once a month
  • Chick Flicks once a month
  • Crazy Whist once a month
  • Dine Out once a month
  • Evening Movies once a month with a winter recess
  • Fifth Thursday Drive - whenever there is a fifth Thursday in the month
  • Garden Club once a month with a winter recess.
  • In House Lunch once a year following a General Meeting
  • Monthly Outing once a month, sometimes twice
  • Morning Coffees once a month
  • Potato Shed Shows 5 or 6 times a year
  • Reading once a month
  • Short Break (trips) once or twice a year
  • Solo once a month
  • Ten Pin Bowling once a month.  Currently we have two Probus teams playing every Monday morning and two Probus teams playing every Friday morning.
  • Walking twice a week

The Club Activities page has more detail on each of the above activities as well as activities that have run in the past.