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Become CPR Friendly

Motto:   It is far better to do something than nothing

Learn:   The Doctors ABCD or DRSABCD here.  Read more here

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View these videos:   

        5 second CPR Training

        15 second CPR Training

         3 minute CPR Training   Number 1

         3 minute CPR Training Number 2

         45 minute CPR Training 

                (This is a recording of a Webinar and is highly recommended)

          Using a Defibrillator (5 Mins)

Good Advice on Car Seat Safety

Important if you are transporting your grandchildren around on a regular basis


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Playing Mind Games


Substance Abuse and Addiction in the Elderly    and  Cost of Rehab

Cancer Care Never Stops

6 Recipes for Eating Right

Dental Care Basics for Seniors

Types of Dentures and Causes for Treatment

What are Veneers?

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5 questions to ask when buying a laptop

4 ways to keep safe from elder abuse

Go glamping in Victoria

5 steps to getting in shape


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Six Websites that Seniors Need


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Road Safety


                                 Vic Roads - Older Drivers

                                TAC - Driving Tips and Tools

                                Safe Driving Tips


Video Clips and Overheads Shown at General Meetings:

December 2019 (Christmas Theme):

6 White Boomers

12 New Days of an Australian Christmas

Christmas Around the World 

12 Days of Christmas

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

September 2019:

The Overhead Presentation shown at the meeting.

Read more about the 'Dogs in the Classroom' at the following link:

 Delta Therapy Dogs



November 2018:   Theme 'Remembrance'

Commemorating 100 years since the end of World War 1.


                         Rule Brittania by the D Day Darlings

                         The White Cliffs of Dover by the D Day Darlings

                         We Will Meet Again by the D Day Darlings

                         World War One Australian War Heroes Song

                         It's a Long Way to Tipperary and Pack up your Troubles in your Old Kit Bag

                         The Last Post by the String Family


 December 2018:  Theme 'Christmas'


                         12 Days of Christmas

                         We Wish You a Merry Christmas by Celtic Woman

February 2019:   Theme 'Black Saturday'  and

                              New Growth 'The Acorn Challenge'

                          Geelong Kokoda Youth Program  There is a video clip  for each year 2013 to 2018. 

                                                                          Guest speaker Andy Brittain showed the 2018 clip.

                                                                          The 2013 clip is well worth watching as it sets the scene.

                          Black Saturday There was only time to show the very beginning of this short

                                                 reflection of the Black Saturday fires which ravaged Victoria

                                                  on 7/2/2009 - 10 years ago.

                                                 As well as the devastation it shows how the Strathewen

                                                 community responded with two Art Projects to help their

                                                  community members in their recovery.

                                                  It also shows the Blacksmiths Tree which stands 10 metres

                                                   high in Strathewen.  It has more than 3000 forged leaves

                                                   made by blacksmiths around the world.  It is dedicated to

                                                   those who were lost in the Black Saturday fires,

                                                   the brave CFA men and women who fought the fires

                                                    and the Strathewen community.

                                                   The inscription reads: 

                                                    I have risen from the flames

                                                    I have stetched across the earth

                                                    I am shining with your name.


February, 2019

                         Looking at My Phone by Pete Denahy

                         West Australian Parliament:  Christmas Message 2018

May, 2019

                        Club Website Briefing Overhead

June, 2019

                      The GOGI's


July, 2019

                   The YAHI's