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Happy Probus Day 2022 Video

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Special Feature Article on King Island

The visit to King Island by our Club in March 2022 was an outstanding success and most participants are keen to return.   Why wouldn't you when you read the special article that appeared in the March Edition of Australia's Agribusiness Magazine.  You can read it here and use the Zoom facility to make the text and images larger.


Our Probus Ten Pin Bowling Teams in Competition

  • Monday Mornings:  The Diamonds and the Warriors are in action.  Watch their progress here.

  • Friday Mornings:      We have members playing in the following teams:  Diamond Diggers, Wacky Racers and Candy Crushers.   Watch their progress here.

New Activities

Any member is welcome to test the waters by introducing a new activity.  Just let the Management Committee know first.

Currently Scheduled Activities

Members should always check the monthly calendar for any changes to the normal arrangements and scheduling.  Last minute changes will detailed in the 'Calendar of Events' of this website.


Many of the graphics below are those shown on our Club Quilt.  

As you will see many of the current activities have been running since the first full year of operation for our Club in 2007.

Participating in Club Activities is certainly the best way to experience the 3 F's of Probus - fun, friendship and fellowship.   All activities are open to all members.  Some activities require members to sign up beforehand for organisational and catering purposes.  For many of the activities it is just a matter of turning up and enjoying.

Barefoot Bowling

Commenced March 2009 at the Highton Lawn Bowls Club

Normal Schedule:    Annually in October or November as announced.

Current Venue:        Geelong Cement Bowls Club

The members of the Geelong Cement Bowls Club are tremendous hosts.  They assist us out on the greens and then put on a lovely meal afterwards.

Bocce (Map)

Commenced March 2013

Normal Schedule:  10 am on the 4th Wednesday of the month.

Venue:  The indoor Bocce Courts at the rear of Club Italia.

This is one of the oldest games known to mankind dating back to the days of the Roman Empire.

This activity always starts with a cup of coffee and some lovely home made cake.

Coffee Lovers (Map)

Commenced June 2016 under the name of 'Afternoon Coffee'. 

Normal Schedule:  2.30 pm on a Wednesday afternoon as per the monthly calendar.

Current Venue:  The Ponds Cafe at the rear of the Waurn Ponds Hotel 1154 Princes Highway, Waurn Ponds

This is just another occasion for members to meet informally and have a bit of a chat.

Chick Flicks

Commenced August 2008.

Normal Schedule:   Fourth Friday in the afternoon but sometimes in the morning.

Normal Venue:        Reading Cinemas, Waurn Ponds.

The exact time and the name of the movie is communicated by the phone 'Chain' which works very well.

Crazy Whist

Commenced October 2011.

Normal Schedule:    10 am on the second Thursday of the month

Normal Venue:         The front room of the Masonic Centre

This game is really easy and is conducive to lots of fun and laughter.   Participants pay a small fee ($4) to cover the hire of the room and also bring a plate (savoury or sweet) for lunch.

Dine Out

Commenced February 2007

Normal Schedule:  Third Thursday of the month either for lunch or as an evening meal

Venue:  As per the newsletter and/or as announced

During the colder months this activity is mostly scheduled as a lunchtime meal.


Trialed in 2022 and introduced in 2023

Schedule:  The fourth Thursday of the month.

Evening Movies

Commenced March 2007

Normal Schedule:   The Tuesday after the General Meeting

Venue:   Reading Cinemas, Waurn Ponds or as announced

This activity has not commenced post pandemic

Fifth Thursday Drive


Commenced May 2018

Normal schedule:   Any month that has a fifth Thursday

Venue:  To a point of interest that may be up to an hours drive from Geelong that has picnic facilities i.e.  BBQ's, toilets

Members are encouraged to bring chairs and small tables and their own food and refreshments.  On most occasions food can be purchased nearby.

This activity has now replaced the monthly Family BBQ.

Garden Club

Commenced April 2007.

Schedule:   Third Wednesday or as announced

Venue: This has been one of the more popular activities and has included visits to local nurseries, visits to open gardens in the country or metropolitan regions and visits to the member's gardens.   Most venues have had a nearby cafe or hotel for lunch and a chat afterwards.  

The garden activity has often served as the main monthly outing.

In House Lunch

Commenced in August 2007

Schedule:    This activity has been held once a year immediately following a General Meeting.

Venue:     The Masonic Centre, Belmont

The In House lunches have been outstanding successes with high participation rates.  Since the club moved to the Waurn Ponds Hotel for meetings this activity is no longer applicable. 

Meeting Day Lunch

The first meeting day lunch took place after our very first General Meeting on the 7th December, 2006 at the Grovedale Hotel.   This was also a Christmas Lunch.

Schedule:   First Thursday of the month following the General Meeting.

Venue:        As announced. 

We are fortunate in Geelong to have so many good dining options.  Distance and parking are always important considerations in choosing a venue.  All Meeting Day lunches are now held at the meeting venue, the Waurn Ponds Hotel.


Monthly Outing

Commenced February 2007.

Schedule:   Monthly as announced.

This has been the most popular activity over the years.   The monthly outings have involved a good balance of local destinations as well as places further afield.   

Morning Coffees

Commenced April 2007 at Barwon Edge Restaurant.

Schedule and Venues:  

                       10.30 am on the Wednesday after the General Meeting at the cafe in Porter Avenue  (Map)

The morning coffees is very popular and just another informal occasion for members to get together for a bit of a chat.

Potato Shed Shows

Commenced May 2012

Schedule:   Five or six times per year as announced but mostly on the second Tuesday of the month.

Venue:        The Potato Shed at Drysdale.    This is a most impressive and valuable multipurpose and cultural resource which serves the Bellarine community and local schools.

Each show has its own theme and is nearly always hosted and compered by local identity Colin Mockett using a power point presentation.   Colin is supported by his wife Shirley Power who is also well known locally as a very talented and versatile musician and singer.  These shows often feature other local singers, bands or groups, entertainers, musicians and actors.   

During the interval everyone is treated to very nice morning tea with lots of goodies (savoury and sweet) from Bakers Delight.   After each show our Probus members present have the opportunity to further socialise over a nice lunch at the Zoo Cafe in Drysdale.


Commenced February 2007.

Schedule:       2 pm on the third Friday of the month.

Venue:           The home of the Activity Leader.

Participants talk about books that they have recently read.  It is also an opportunity for members to exchange books.

Short Breaks (Overnight Trips)

First Overnight Trip 29th - 31st October, 2007 by bus to Marysville.  From May 2008 until March 2018 overnight trips were referred to as Freewheeling and were conducted twice a year to different parts of Victoria.  Some members pulled their vans to the venue and others hired on site cabins. 

In September 2018, the Club conducted a bus trip to Echuca/Moama for three days.


Commenced February 2009.

Schedule:  Once per month on a weekend as announced.

Venue:       As announced.

This activity was initially established to cater for a need to provide support and friendship for those who had suffered loss and were alone.    However it was soon acknowledged that other members would benefit from such an activity and now all members are welcome to participate in this activity.

Ten Pin Bowling (Map)

Commneced October 2007

Schedule:    10.30 am on the third Tuesday of the month unless announced otherwise.

Venue:        Geelong Ten Pin Bowling Centre in Reynolds Road, Belmont.

This is an activity for all ages and abilities.   Participants play off a handicap based on their bowling average which gives all players an equal chance of winning the monthly trophy.

In 2018 the Club entered a team called 'Diamonds' in the Monday morning Mixtures League.  In 2019 this has expanded to two Monday morning teams - The Diamonds and the Torquay Warriors.  You can check their progress here.

In 2019 Club members belong to two Friday morning teams - Rebels and Spare Me.  You can check their progress here.

Walking (River)

Commenced February 2007 as a weekly event every Tuesday morning at 8.30 am.  Participants walked for about an hour on one of six different tracks.   The hour walk ceased as a Club activity early in 2018. 

A shorter version started up in April 2013  as a more leisurely event  for 30 minutes.

Schedule:    Every Monday morning at 9.30 am.

Venue:        The Barwon River rowing course.


Previously Scheduled Activities

The following list are activities that have run in the past.  Some evolved into current activities and others lapsed due to declining numbers.   Details of most of these activities are contained in the Club's Ten Year History Booklet.

Annual Picnics in January at Queens Park and on Good Friday at the Geelong Botanical Gardens

Commenced February 2007 and ceased in 2018.   Now replaced by the Fifth Thursday Drive.

BLT (Business, Leisure, Technology)

March to August 2013.  Evolved from Talking Business and Current Affairs to assist members with the use of computers and other electronic devices.


March to December 2007.   This activity was covered to a degree by the monthly outing and in recent years by the Potato Shed Shows.


March 2007 until early 2008

Free Wheeling

May 2008 until March 2018.  Now referred to as Short Breaks (Overnight Trips)

Friday BBQ

August 2008 until March 2018.  A monthly event on the Friday after each General Meeting and after the Golf activity had finished.


April 2007 until July 2009.  Participants played Mah Jong.  Initially, this was played twice a month and then became a monthly acivitity until it lapsed due to waning numbers and other competing activities.  In October 2011 Crazy Whist started up and is becoming more popular.


June 2007 until March 2018 every Friday morning.  

New Years Eve Celebrations

Commenced 31st December, 2009 until 31st December 2017.  Initially these were very popular but participation did drop off in recent years.

Overseas Trips

Singapore/Melaka (7th - 18th October 2012)

Japan (8th - 24th October 2014)

King Island (March 2022)

Probus Fun Days (alias Car Rallies)

May 2012 to October 2017.   These were a lot of fun and participants travelled along one of two possible routes following a set of instructions and hopefully all ended up at the same point for a picnic lunch.   The fun days involved a lot of work in researching and organising interesting tracks.   The 2017 event was a cruise on Corio Bay with a pirate theme.

Talking Business/Current Affairs

Commenced July 2008 as a monthly activity and ceased in 2011.


Commenced February 2009 and ceased in 2012.