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What is on in Geelong?  Check here.

Geelong 2021 Seniors Festival.  See the program here


Free Zoom School for all post retirees.  Check out the syllabus here.

Unfortunately many of the Club Italia events below will not be able to go ahead.


Humans in Geelong (HUG)

Our guest speaker at the April 2021 General Meeting was Jacqui Bennett telling us all about the Humans in Geelong movement.  You can read some of the many stories on the HUG website here.  Following are some images from Jacqui's very interesting slideshow at the meeting.

The book is available at Pardey's Pharmacy in Highton

The Probus Penguin Pullover Project  is now closed.  Many thanks to all members who participated in this very worthwhile venture during a year of lock down and self isolation.

Left:  A happy warm, healthy and oil free penguin      

Right:  A cold miserable penguin that has probably ingested oil and is not well.


Check out how many penguins were made happy here (as of 4th February 2021). 

What a truly amazing effort by all concerned.

View more images here

View the Penguin Pullover Pattern here or here

More information about this very valuable project can be accessed here.


Geelong Mums Project

  • How can you support the Geelong Mums, St Kilda Mums and Eureka Mums?   Check out their brochure here.

  • Check out their website here

  •  List of items that can be re-homed here