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Probing in the Barwon Valley

The monthly Club newsletter has been very important in keeping members informed about what is happening in the Club and what is coming up.   Most members in our Club receive their newsletter by email and only 21 receive a hard copy in the mail. 

Members also receive the calendars of events for the next two months showing member's birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

Our Club has always been very fortunate to have always had the newsletter printed free of charge at the local state MP's office.

The regular items of most newsletters will include:

  1. A message from the President
  2. The minutes of the previous General Meeting to be accepted at the next General Meeting.
  3. Important Matters arising from the previous Management Committee meeting
  4. The financial or Treasurer's report to be accepted at the next General Meeting
  5.  Activity Reports giving the necessary details of events coming up.
  6. Several photos of members enjoying the 3 F's of Probus at previously held activities and functions.

At this stage this website will not include links to previous editions of our Club's newsletter because of privacy issues.  In the future the general membership may approve the uploading of our newsletter.


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The Probus Association of Victoria are now making editions of the Victorian Probian available online until further notice.   When you access an edition go to full screen (bottom right hand corner) and you also have a Zoom facility to make the text and images bigger.  To return to normal screen use your Escape (ESC) key.  Use the arrow keys on the left hand and right hand side of the screen to turn the pages.

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24 June 2020  Includes changes to pain treatment of osteoarthritic conditions

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28 April 2021  How to create strong passwords and stay safe online

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22 September 2021 featuring 'What are Cookies'

29 September 2021 World Heart Day


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