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Thirtysix years ago a meeting was convened at Bathurst Bowling Club by rotarian Bruce Innes to discuss the creation af a Bathurst women's Probus Club.

The novelty appeal of the Probus Club, to consist of retired Professional and Business Women, for a congenial assembly, with no civic or other, barrow to push, was very appealing.

Fellowship and organisation of congenial outings, activities etc. was to be decided upon, with usual elected officers' groups to direct club affairs, etc. Emphasis was to be social contact and fraternization.

On the 3rd December 1986 Mr John Stahl from Bathurst Rotarty Club presented a Plaque (charter), Gong, Badge of Office, Presidents Regalia and twentynine Probus pins for the current financial members.

By the 31st of May 1987 Exectutive Members were:

President              June Darke

Vice president      Mary davidson

Secretary              June Campbell

Treasurer              Pat McAdam

The Club in 2024 is still going strong, embracing the principals of friendship and fellowship and having lots of fun with its seventyone members and ready to welcome more.