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2023 CELEBRATING 20 YEARS OF THE COMBINED PROBUS CLUB OF HOLROYD (est 1986 as Men only thus 37 year old Club)

In 1986 the Probus Club of Holroyd was formed for men only. It was a fully accredited club. With changing times and falling numbers, the members voted to allow ladies to join. This necessitated a new constitution, changes to the Procedures and by laws and registration with the Department of fair trading.

This was necessary to keep our accreditation with Probus South Pacific. When all this was in place letters were sent to ladies inviting wives partners of members, deceased members to join the club. 13 ladies decided to join so on Tuesday April 8, 2003 these ladies were inducted into the club by President Paddy Holmes, Belle’s husband, thus becoming the Original Lady Members. 3 of these ladies are still active in the club and they are Fay Smith, Brenda Whalan and Nell Tanswell. During the year the late Gwen Jenkins was invited to join the Management Committee. 2004 saw the first ladies take office  Vice President Gwen Jenkins, Secretary Nell Tanswell and Joan Cousins as a member of the Management Committee.

Unfortunately during the year Gwen Jenkins passed away and Joan Cousins was appointed to fill this vacancy. Shirley Sinclair launched the book table which has grown so much over the years and is enjoyed by all. In 2005 Joan Cousins became the first lady to hold the position of President The number of ladies in the club continued to grow until in 2007 ladies outnumbered men by 45 to 44. Over the years the trend has continued and today Ladies outnumber men by over 2 to 1. The exact numbers being 71 Ladies and 29 Men This year at our Annual General Meeting Julie Minici was elected President and Wendy Pierdziwol Vice President. This is a true reflection of ladies outnumbering men. So the Probus Club of Holroyd continues to grow and ladies play their part in upholding the constitution as no member has been recycled in the position of President.

During Covid lockdown Ben D’Souza held the position of President nominally for 2 years but chaired very few meetings during this exceptional time. And so the combined Probus Club of Holroyd continues to grow, bringing pleasure to so many people and upholding its values  friendship, fellowship and fun.

May it long continue to do so. Nell Tanswell, Historian.