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A great Story

It was great to welcome home our fellow Probus member Keith Warnock, following his extensive trip to, England, Ireland, Scotland, France and Belgium.  Keith and his son Bob, left Sydney on 24th June  and retuned on the 1st August.  Keith served with the RAF in World War 11 and was chosen to receive a grant from the Australian Government which enabled him to join 32 other veterans in London to attend the unveiling of a memorial to the RAAF Bomber Command on the 28th June by Queen Eliazbeth. As an 18 year old, Keith left the Commonwealth Bank to join the RAAF.   He was one of a group of 120 sent to Alberta, Canada where he trained to become a navigator.  This was followed by further training in the U.K.

Holding the rank of Flight Sargeant, Keith was the only Australian in his first crew who flew Wellington and Lancaster bombers.  He agreed to join another crew which had three Australian members.  Three days later, his first crew was killed.


While he was in England for the unveiling, Keith did two significant things.  He talked to Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall.

He also celebrated his 88th Birthday in London.  As a further point of interest, Keith can also recall celebrating his 21st birthday in London during the war.


With his son Bob, they left London to visit France and Belgium.  During their time in France they visited the official war grave of Keith’s brother Harold, who was a Spitfire pilot shot down over France in 1942.  He was 20 years of age.


Returning to London, father and son enjoyed a twenty day coach tour of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.  From all  reports, this was a fantastic scenic and cultural experience.

According to Bob, the trip was a remarkable and unique experience filled with many memorable events.


Well done Keith.