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Capricorn Coast Discovery & Food Trail

This review on paper of the just completed tour does not do justice to being there to see the amount of work that goes into the organization by Linda or the professionalism of Trade Travel. This report will not show the camaraderie of our members fulfilling the Probus motto of fun, fellowship, and friendship.

The tour began with an early morning pickup from the club to the airport. Everything went according to plan until we reached Brisbane. Our flight to Rockhampton was delayed by about an hour. Having not eaten since Sydney our tour guide Roz gave us a choice of Macca’s and a visit to the lookout on Mount Archer overlooking Rockhampton or Stockland food court. We chose Macca’s and the lookout. On arrival at our base, the Rosslyn Bay Resort, we settled in for the rest of the holiday.

Day 2 saw us rise early for breakfast and the day began. We visited the small coastal town of Emu Park then headed to visit the Singing Ship memorial to Captain Cook where on the path to the Centenary of Anzac we came upon a snake feeding on a lizard. We then proceeded to our next stop, a Croc farm were we had a short talk on the croc and were shown a week-old croc after which we inspected the adults in the pens and observed the employee feeding a number the inhabitants.

Just before we left, we got to cuddle a month-old croc named Harley (with mouth taped shut). We next visited a farm practicing perma-culture farming. Apparently, this is just growing your own food without pesticides.

On Day 3 a majority of the troop visited Great Keppel Island. I did not go on this trip so must rely on the conversation of those that did. The ferry ride out was a bit rough but once there the glass bottom boat ride was good, they got to see a turtle and coral and they had lunch aboard the ferry and the return journey was much calmer.

On Day 4 our first stop was St Christopher Chapel which was constructer by US and Aust troops 1943 in the Army Camp. We visited a live cattle auction which was a very interesting and noisy experience. From there we went to the Capricorn Cave to see a limestone cave which had outstanding acoustics. A visit to the Rockhampton Botanical Gardens for lunch was next on the agenda. Mr. Doolan had an unfortunate incident when one of the local birds decided to christen him. His lovely wife purchased him a new shirt, nice croc David.

On Day 5 we visited Waterpark farm which is a Tea Tree Farm which also distills the tea tree oil, and they had various products to purchase. We also had a very peaceful boat ride on the Waterpark Creek and then it was back on the bus to visit Nob Creek Pottery to see some of the locally produced pottery. We then returned to our accommodation to get ready to go to the Footlights Theatre Restaurant where we enjoyed a meal and a show with some audience participation.

Our little holiday was completed on day six and we headed home for some relaxation following a very busy 5 days. Once again thanks to Linda and for the next trip, if you can, please join us to see the fun we have and see the real personalities of your fellow members.

Ian Rothery