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Probus History

Probus originated in the UK In 1965, the first clubs were formed in New Zealand in 1974, and in Australia in 1976.  Probus has filled a need for today’s active retirees, so much so that the growth has been phenomenal.  It is now a world-wide movement.

The word PROBUS is an amalgam of the first three letter of the words PROfessional and BUSiness.  All clubs are sponsored by Rotary Clubs, but on a formation are self governing.  The Probus Club of Holroyd Inc. was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Holroyd Inc.

The major difference between Probus and Rotary is that Probus is not a service club and does not engage in  fund raising or sponsorship.  It is made up of 100 or so members from all walks of life.  It is also non-sectarian and non-political.  Probus recognizes that there is a time to take things easy, but still enjoy the company of others of similar age and participate in a variety of special interest activities.

Clubs are simple in structure and free from the constraints and obligations of service clubs.  They provide an opportunity for extension of acquaintance and interest.   Clubs, whilst self governing are required to adhere to a basic set of rules and guidelines of operation and in order to preserve their integrity and reputation.

Probus Club Of Holroyd Inc. celebrated its 37th  anniversary  in 2023