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                                                     Drone Flying.

Time and Location will be advised, by the coordinator Mark Pimenta, to all interested parties prior to staging an event. Contact Mark on 0413 490 264 to express interest in participation in such an event.


May 2024

It was a calm, non-windy Sunday when several people had the opportunity to fly a small drone on an oval adjacent to Deakin University.

Probus member Mark Pimenta, outlined a number of CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) rules to fly a drone competently and safely.

- Fly one drone at a time

- Keep drones away from people

- Always have the drone within eyesight

- Keep the drone high in the sky for visibility


It was helpful to have had a Mitchan Nunawading Probus member allowing groups to use his equipment and providing clear flight guidelines so we could  learn more about drone technology.

Drones are used in many ways in the 21st century

- parcel delivery

- farming support

- water safety support


Hopefully more members can join Mark on a Sunday morning drone flight soon. It was an incredible experience!

Thank you Mark.