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                                                     Movie Group.

Historic Balwyn CinemaThe Movie Group meets on the third Monday of each month to view a picture at the historic Balwyn Cinema (see right).

Time is usualy around 10:30am, with lunch afterwards, if desired, at a local restaurant.

Contact Glenn Ewing, on 0439 898 207, for further information.

2024 Movies, So Far

March - "The Great Escaper" viewed on Monday 18th March. Michael Caine and Glenda Jackson take on roles as an elderly couple managing life in an aged care facility. When Bernard Jordan (Michael) is unable to book a seat on a ferry trip to Normandy on the 70th anniversary of the famous Allied beach landing, he takes matters into his own hands and goes AWOL from the aged care setting. Bernard's adventure, which spans 48 hours, shows that the trauma of war lingers long, even in peacetime, and his best coping mechanism is the support and love given by his wife Rene (Glenda).


Lunch following the move.

Photo thanks to Glenn Ewing.




On Monday 25th Februaruy, members travelled to the Balwyn Cinema to view the film Anatomy of a Fall. This French movie highlighted the pressures of a collapsing relationship and even when a couple and their son seek a change of setting in the French Alps, things can still go wrong.

January - "One Life", viewed on Monday 15th. There was a very good gathering of movie fans at the Balwyn Cinema for this movie. The story depicts resistance and courage as humanitarian Nicholas Winton is able to save the lives of 600 children from the Nazis in 1938 - an uplifting movie.