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The 2023 getaway is planned for the period 24th February to 3rd March. Have decided that the venue is Walpole. This was where the first getaway was held and thought it was fitting that we returned in the Club’s 40th year. I will be taking temporary bookings during morning tea at the meeting, so if you think you might like to join us come see me. Barb King

There are 13 confirmed attendees with the possibility of three more with motorhomes. It’s good to see three members, who have not been to previous getaways planning to attend.

Accommodation has been booked at Walpole for 2023 and deposits paid. Now we just sit back and wait for February to rock around.

The Getaway in fast approaching A catch up to make final arrangements for this year’s getaway will be at the Tomato Lake Cafe area at 10am on Thursday 9th February. I’ll sketch up a map of how to get the Rest Point Caravan Park once you get to Walpole. You can plan your own route for getting to Walpole.