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Contributions to this page will be gladly received by Bob, as mentioned in Club Newsletters.  

Also check out the 'Important or Interesting Links' page and the many links on the 'Information Technology Training' page.  In particular scroll down and check out the section on 'Online Safety for Seniors'.


Each link you access opens up a new web page on your browser so it is a good idea to close the page before accessing a different link.


New Covid Rules for Speech.   Watch this hilarious video titled 'Stay Sane and Carry On'.  Thanks MS.


Test for Grey Cells  Thanks HM


Cycling in Peru  Not for the faint hearted!  Thanks GS


Storm Damage June 2021

Aftermath in Mount Dandenong Area  (12 minute video)

Post Storm Damage in Mt. Evelyn  (7 minute video)


Virtual Worldwide Tours   Thanks GH

GH has been enjoying virtual tours by Zoom to all parts of the globe via the following links.  Check them out and enjoy!


Coming Up Virtual Tour Presentations 

Recordings of Past Presentations (Scroll down to the recorded section)


Virtual Travel During Covid-19  

Courtesy of the Australian Government 'Be Connected' Initiative


Road Trips from Home:  Virtual Field Trips

Written by Carly Hallman

Enjoy the above link which will provide you with a very diverse range of experiences to all parts of the globe and featuring famous land marks, works of art, historic marvels, science adventures and much much more.


Open House Melbourne 23-27 July:  Virtual tours.  Visit website here and click on Covid-19 update


The Back of Beyond Documentary

HM recommends this documentary for Netflix subscribers.  See more info here.


Melbourne Theatre Company Digital Theatre

MTC has shows to rent on demand.  Read more here.


Five Short Stories

Everyone has a story (or two) to tell.  Maybe you just need a little bit of encouragement to tell your story.   Club Member with intitials TA has now written five fabulous short stories of various stages of her life which she now very kindly shares with you.   Enjoy.


A Song to Brighten Your Day 

What a Beautiful World  (Thank you HM for this link)


Links from Members

Old Radio and TV Ads - a trip down memory lane thanks to GH


Our Club's Social Zoom Sessions - Each is about 40 minutes duration.

Probus Session 1  14 May 2020 

Probus Session 2 28 May 2020

Probus Session 3 11 June 2020

Probus Session 4  25 June 2020

Probus Session 5   9 July 2020

Probus Session 6  23 July 2020

Probus Session 7   6 August 2020

Probus Session 8   20 August 2020

Probus Session 9    3 September 2020

Probus Session 10    17 September 2020

Probus Session 11    1 October 2020

Probus Session 12 What Probus Means to You  15 October 2020

Probus Session 13  - 29 October 2020

Probus Session 14 - 12 November 2020

Probus Session 15 - 26 November 2020

Probus Session 16  -  10 December 2020

Probus Session 17 - 21st January 2021

Probus Session 18 -25th February 2021

Probus Session 19 - 30th March 2021

Probus Session 20 - 22nd April 2021

Probus Session 21 - 27th May 2021

Probus Session 22 - 22nd June 2021

Probus Session 23 - 22nd July 2021

Probus Session 24 - 2 September, 2021


Love in Lockdown

You are sure to enjoy this mini series.  The total time for all 6 episodes (lessons) is less than 40 minutes.

Lesson 1      Lesson 2     Lesson 3     Lesson 4    Lesson 5     Lesson 6



The new Singing Group that has gone viral.

A group of Aussies from Mullumbimby who sing Russian songs.  You will love listening to this all male choir. 

Dustyesky                                 Dustyesky in Sydney            The Song of the Volga Boatmen

At the Mullum Music Festival       At the Woodford Folk Festival                       In Byron Bay

Well Known Songs Adapted to Have a Corona Flavour

This is how it all started:   Do Re Mi - Covid 19   (Speakers on and full screen)

This is how it progressed.   A family's lockdown adaptation of Les Miserables 'One Day More'.   

I Can't Get No (Sanitiser)

A Spoonful of Chlorox

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

The Beatles - Yesterday

Dorothy's Song

Quaranqueen (Dancing Queen Parody)

Father & Son (Cat Stevens Lockdown Parody)

My Favourite Things

Oompa Loompa Advice on Covid-19

Tom Jones Parody Corona Virus Sing Along Lyrics

Rhinestone Cowboy Parody Sing Along Lyrics

Simon & Garfunkel Fight the Virus - A Parody of Sound of Silence

Corona Poetry

Corona Poem


Corona Lament 


Coping With Self Isolation - Information and advice from Probus South Pacific

Four Ways to Stay Connected


7 Ways to Keep Busy When You Cannot Go Outside


5 Hearty Eating Tips for Self Isolation


Stay Safe  Corona Virus Survival Guide    Steps to Home Ladder Safety


The Staying Connected Series from PSP - Well worth checking out

Issue 1 - 6 April 2020        Issue 2 - 13 April 2020        Issue 3 - 20 April 2020     

Issue 4 - 27 April 2020      Issue 5 - 4 May 2020           Issue 6 - 11 May 2020

Issue 7 - 18 May 2020       Issue 8 - 25 May 2020         Issue 9 - 1 June 2020

Issue 10 - 8 June 2020      Issue 11 - 15 June 2020      Issue 12 - 22 June 2020

Issue 13 - 29 June 2020    Issue 14 - 6 July 2020         Issue 15 - 13 July 2020

Issue 16 - 20 July 2020     Issue 17 - 27 July 2020       Issue 18 - 3 August 2020

Issue 19  - 10 August 2020   Issue 20 - 17 August 2020   Issue 21 - 24 August 2020

Issue 22 - 31 August 2020    Issue 23 - 7 September 2020  Issue 24 - 14 September 2020

Issue 25 - 21 September 2020  Issue 26 - 28 September   Issue 27 - 5 October 2020

Issue 28  - 12 October 2020    Issue 29 - 19 October 2020  Issue 30  -   26 October

Issue 31  -  2 November 2020  Issue 32 - 9 November 2020  Issue 33 - 16 November 2020

Issue 34   -   30 November 2020  Issue 35 - 1 February 2021   Issue 36  -  15 February 2021

Issue 37  -  1 March 2021  Issue 38 - 15 March 2021  Issue 39 - 29 March 2021

Issue 40 - 12 April 2021  Issue 41 - 26 April 2021  Issue 42 - 10 May 2021

Issue 43 - 24 May 2021   Issue 44 -21 June 2021  Issue 45 - 5 July 2021

Issue 46 - 19 July 2021  Issue 47 - 9 August 2021  Issue 48 - 13 September 2021

Issue 49 - 27 September 2021  Issue 50 - 11 October 2021


Staying Connected During Self-Isolation

Apart from making phone calls and sending emails the electronic age provides us with several other options for staying in touch with loved ones and friends.   

  •  Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Messenger (visual and audio possible).

  •  Skype (visual and audio)

  • Zoom (visual and audio)  - This is a great way of linking up with several other people at a time.  It is relatively easy to set up and use, and is an ideal way for both informal and formal (eg. committee meetings) gatherings of Probus colleagues.  Read instructions here.

  • Create a Group Chat on Whats App Messenger.  Read instructions here for whatever device you wish to use.

It has been great to hear that there has already been a lot of ringing around between our Club Members.  If you were to ring just two other members each day, that makes 14 calls every week and 30 calls a month.    

Its Never Too Late to Connect Online

Keeping Connected by Meredith Stafford   


Things That People Are Doing During Self-Isolation

Many of our members have been keeping themselves occupied in a whole variety of ways during their self-isolation.  From phone calls already made there have been reports of members:

  •  Tackling some home maintenance and projects that have been previously put off.

  • Catching up on some reading

  • Catching up on some DVDS

  • Working on all those family photos and albums.  eg sorting, digitalising etc.

  • Cooking eg. florentines, bread 

  • Decluttering the house

  • Gardening and growing vegetables

  • Keeping an eye on their pelargoniums for this year's Garden Challenge.

  • Knitting penguin pullovers.  Check out out Club's progress here.

  • Going for walks

  • Playing games - online or with family

  • Tackling puzzles - crosswords, sudokus, jigsaws.

  • Being creative - painting, writing, quilting, sewing, knitting etc.

Don't forget the two projects our Club has been promoting in recent times - See Community Events and Projects page.


Links to other Websites


******  Geelong Art Gallery exhibition The Look  The exhibition we missed out on is now online and free for all to enjoy.    

National Gallery of Victoria - Floating Bowls.     A moment to pause and reflect

                                               More Floating Bowls - magical

A list of free, boredom busting free resources by Chatter Pack.  Thank you GS for providing this link which is being shared on the Surfcoast Community Facebook page.


Playing Mind Games


Some Nice Recipes using pantry staples courtesy of the ABC 

Also try Quick Butter Chicken.




Corona Jokes     Corona Jokes courtesy of HM

Friday Funnies

Subscribe to receive the free Friday Funnies by email here and then scroll to the bottom

Instalment 1 of some old Friday Funnies.    Instalment 2   Instalment 3  Instalment 4

Instalment 5    Instalment 6   Instalment 7   Instalment 8   Instalment 9   Instalment 10

Instalment 11   Instalment 12   Instalment 13   Instalment 14   Instalment 15

Instalment 16   Instalment 17   Instalment 18   Instalment 19   Instalment 20

Instalment 21   Instalment 22   Instalment 23   Instalment 24   Instalment 25

Instalment 26   Instalment 27  Instalment 28    Instalment 29   Instalment 30

Instalment 31   Instalment 32  Instalment 33    Instalment 34   Instalment 35

Instalment 36  Instalment 37   Instalment 38     Instalment 39   Instalment 40

Instalment 41   Instalment  42   Instalment 43


Isolation Angel  - Leunig (The Age 21st March, 2020)

The World is Changing - Leunig (The Age 4th April, 2020)

Solitude - Leunig (The Age 11th April, 2020)

Corona Cartoons

Cartoons from the Internet:  Instalment 1    Instalment 2  Instalment 3


Sudoku  Choose your level - Easy, Medium, Hard, Evil.  There is also an option button to explore.

More Sudoku  At the top choose your level - Easy, medium, expert, hard

Crosswords for Seniors

More Crosswords - Choose your level including cryptic.

Logic Grid Puzzles - Grouped according to degree of difficulty



Crazy Whist   All our regular players will love this.  Enjoy!!


Free Cell



Solitaire or Patience

Triangles - beware this could be addictive

Choose another game

Musical Videos

Make sure your speakers are switched on and you may need to close or skip annoying ads.  You can also choose the full screen mode from the icon in the bottom right of the video screen.  Use the 'Esc' key to escape full screen mode.

So of these have previously been loaded onto the Club Computer for possible use at an appropriate time during a General Meeting.  e.g. A guest speaker doesn't show up.   Enjoy!

From the Potato Shed  - Featuring Local Artists

James and Elena Nicholls  (47 minutes)

The Gems (62 minutes) 

More Gems (59 minutes)


From the Last Century


           With the longer running videos you can just set them going and do other things.


From This Century - More to Come

Andrew Lloyd Weber in Isolation

This link gives you a great selection of videos you can watch.   Hopefully these will remain accessible for the foreseeable future.


Humorous Videos 

 Make sure your speakers are switched on.

Comedy Care Package  A Melbourne Comedy Festival Special.  Scroll down to the first play button.   Scroll down further for more play buttons and laughs.

Lano and Woodley's Ladder Sketch

Some Vintage Dave Allen

Teaching your Kid Time   Dave Allen at his best

Driving by Dave Allen

Flying by Dave Allen

Holidays and Holiday Resorts by Dave Allen

Post Offices by Dave Allen

Dave Allen Special (53 minutes)


Do it Yourself Face Mask with Kay  (How not to do it might be more appropriate)

What Old People do for Fun

Benny Hill - Wife Swap

The Box - Simon's Cat    All cat owners will relate to this and those that don't have a cat will probably be glad they don't.  More instalments of Simon's Cat to come.

Cat Man Do - Simon's Cat

Looking for Love - Simon's Cat

Simon's Cat & Friends - Collection

The Power of Words  The words you use in everday life can have a powerful effect if chosen wisely

Technology Has Hijacked Family Dinnertime


Cute Cats   Try not to laugh

Australia in 2020   featuring the elusive TR

Stewie goes shopping Go Cats

Anthony Albanese to the Principal's Office featuring Sammy J

The Ballad of Dunny Roll featuring Sammy J

Corona Yoga featuring Sammy J