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Skills Audit

A skills audit survey was made available to interested members at the  February 2020 General Meeting.   View it here.    You can print this off if you want to fill it out and return it to Bob.  Alternatively, contact him to get a hard copy delivered or posted to you.    


The 'Be Connected' Website - a really Great Resource

There is a range of easy to use lessons on the Be Connected website that can help you learn new things and get the most from your device.  Visit the website here and explore the very wide range of topics available at your own pace. 

You can get help with the following topics:

  • Computer Basics

  • Using your smart phone or tablet

  • Understanding data and Wi-Fi

  • Avoiding scams

  • Making video calls

  • Using MyGov

  • Online shopping

  • Online banking

And many more!

Be brave and explore this website.

If you need some confidence to get started scroll down to the video titled 'What is Be Connected'.

If you need a little bit more confidence to get started watch the video of Vera who is a very busy grandmother.  Scroll to the end of the Home Page.


Staying Connected Using Zoom 

Read instructions here

Watch a 30 minute training session titled 'Getting Started With Zoom Meetings' here


Online Resources

    Tech Boomers has over 100 free courses.  View their home page here.

     More specifically you can check out the following links on their website:

    From Probus South Pacific

     Online Webinars - Online Safety for Seniors

        You need to register for these sessions which are courtesy of

        the Australian Government.  

        Following are easy to read notes from these Webinars.



Video Clips

The advantage of watching online video clips on technical procedures is that you can watch them over and over, or even pause them to help understand whatever is been explained.   Following are a number of video clips on various aspects of Information Technology.  With each video you can choose to watch it on full screen.  Make sure your speakers are not on mute.   This list will increase as the year progresses.   Beware - many of the following videos will commence with an ad which you will be able to skip if you see the 'Skip Ad' icon on the screen.




Throughout the year links to notes will be added from any Information Technology Sessions that are run.  So, watch this space.