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Frankston Ladies Probus Club Inc. A0009713S

Meeting the second Thursday of every month,

10 am–12 noon, Community of Christ Church,

2 Logan Street, Frankston

PO BOX 7109. Karingal Centre, 3199



                          ABN: 26813456449w2







 President:           Joan Hoyle            0400 514 212          Minutes Secretary:          Angela Renton                 0408 586 914

 Vice President:    Anita Davies          0438 862 091          Treasurer:                      Marilyn Griffiths               0419 542 543

 Past President:    Helen Anthony       0412 227 679          Asst Treasurer:               Pamela Mott                    0455 661 003

 Newsletter Editor:  Helen Anthony   0412 227 679         Correspondence Sec:   Bernadette Clark             0400 885 802

       Registrar:                  Jeanne McGarry    0419 699 928     Welfare Officers:   Jeanne McGarry    0419 699 928 &

                                                                                                                                                                Joan Clough     0411 307 202


       Guest Speakers:    Ann Nicoll   0431 338 895             Kitchen:   Ann Nicoll 0431 338 895/Dot Rice  0422 692 630                              



















APRIL 2023

Today’s speaker is Clif Hardy


Good morning ladies, and welcome to the first General Meeting with “yours truly” as President. I have been a member of this Club since July 2013, (10 years this year), and have enjoyed many fun times with lots of laughter. I cannot imagine a time when there are NO Thursdays to look forward to for some sort of social gathering. That’s why I will put every effort into keeping this Club active and ongoing. My committee members feel the same and are united in their efforts to keep the Club going. The Club now has only 38 members. BUT….that’s 38 members,  most of whom can still enjoy social activities. So let’s support this Club. Go on the outings, whether it’s by bus or carpool. Come along to the coffee mornings, the meetings, the lunches.


It would be great to add to that list of activities, but we need more committee members plus members to help organise them.


You know, you don’t have to be on the committee to organise an activity. If you feel you have a great idea come and see me or speak to anybody on the Committee. Remember, Probus is about friendship, fun and fellowship, and that’s a great description of our Club. I am looking forward to my year as President and sharing fun times with my fellow members!

Cheers, Joan Hoyle

























It’s that time of the year again ladies. The annual subscription has fallen due and is payable ASAP.

The amount of $45 should be paid to the Treasurer without delay because technically you are now overdue. You can pay either by cheque (made payable to Frankston Ladies Probus Club Inc.)  or $45 cash, and place in an envelope with your name on the front.

 (Most important - Don’t forget your name!)


BIRTHDAYS:  Happy birthday wishes for April are extended to Angela Renton 9th, Jeanne McGarry 12th, Una Gales 22nd, Barbara Trickey 26th.  Hope your birthdays will be fabulous.


SICKIES:             Thankfully there have been no members reporting in sick for this month so far.


13 April                Clif Hardy will talk about “Extracts from Diaries”, and “Letters of a migrant – UK  to Australia in 1916”

                              Some of our ladies are Ten Pound Poms so hopefully they will enjoy the talk.

11 May                Senior Librarian at the Melbourne Athenaeum Library, Fiona Malcolm, will speak about the Atheneum, the

                              oldest subscription library in Victoria. It’s an historic library that’s been a haven in the city of Melbourne for

                              more than 175 years. It has a fascinating history which Fiona will tell us all about.

08 Jun                  Ray Higgins: Ray will give a demonstration of the didgeridoo and will talk about the history of where they

                              come from and how to play them. The whole thing should last one hour.









20 Apr                  The Coffee Morning is a little bit different next week! We are having a guest speaker from the Forensic

                              Department, she is going to be talking about all things “forensic” – may I suggest almost CSI? Leading Snr

                              Const. Amanda Keogh.

18 May                Trudy Land will show us how to use a defibrillator and give us a CPR demo.


OUTINGS: Past & Future

23 March :        ARTHURS SEAT AND EAGLE GONDOLA OUTING. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to a storm arriving at the same time of departure. We weren’t sure how long the storm was going to last, and knowing the Gondola may be cancelled because of the storm, the decision was made to cancel. But it will definitely be rescheduled for a later date.


30 March:    FRANKSTON BOTANIC GARDENS. Although the weather wasn’t the best, we still met up, enjoyed the gardens and the chat, followed by coffee/cake and more chatter. There were 4 no shows. Ladies, please keep a record of the outings you’ve signed up for when you add your name to the list and then, if you’re unable to make it, please phone/text a committee member whose name is on the list so that we are not needlessly waiting around.


27 Apr             Beretta’s Langwarrin Hotel. Always a nice meal here, pleasant atmosphere, nice

surroundings. Be there any time from 12 midday.  BOARD OUT FOR NUMBERS


24 May          Please note this outing is on a Wednesday, Meeting at THE Chocolate Grove 10.30am – This outing is by invitation of Seaford Probus Club – drive yourself or carpool, it’s just around the corner. Chocolate Grove and Living History Centre.  Lunch is at the Sands Hotel for 12 o’clock. After lunch you have the choice to visit Crystal World and Pre-Historic Journeys at Devon Meadows.  BOARD OUT FOR NUMBERS.


22 Jun              Lunch at the Seaford RSL – Make your way to the Seaford RSL for midday lunch. The RSL is

situated in the main street of Seaford, just near the railway crossing. Take your own car and

see if someone will share the ride with you.  Seaford RSL has a nice menu and there’s a very

pleasant atmosphere as well. There’s no trouble parking the car, just across the road from

the RSL is the Seaford Railway Station car park.  BOARD OUT FOR NUMBERS

5th Thurs

29 Jun              Mr. Frank’s Café, Coffee & Chat - from 10 am onwards. The café’s address is 1st Floor,

                        101 Wells Street, Frankston, opposite South East Water (beach side of the highway).

There’s an escalator to take you to the first floor. The café has floor to ceiling windows

which offers a beautiful view of Frankston and the bay. You can sit and enjoy a coffee and

the view while you wait to get into the restaurant.  BOARD OUT FOR NUMBERS



The lucky winner will be announced at today’s general meeting. Yes, I know ladies, you’re all sitting on the edge of your seats, hoping that you are the lucky one!


Last month’s question: “How long did Rip Van Winkle sleep?”   

The answer is: “20 years”. 


Question for this month: “Osteomyelitis affects what parts of the body?”

Answer next month: