AUS: 1300 630 488    NZ: 0800 1477 6287





Frankston Ladies Probus Club Inc.A0009713S

Meeting the second Thursday of every month,

10 am–12 noon, Community of Christ Church,

2 Logan Street, Frankston

PO BOX 7109. Karingal Centre, 3199







                          ABN: 26813456449w2












               President:            Susan Lindsay    0408 140 469       Secretary    Vera Runacres   0408 586 914

Vice President:   Anita Davies:      0438 862 091       Treasurer:    Terhy Jones:     5971 1128







Today we are inducting Angela Renton to our Club. Her details are:

25 Davis Drive, Mt. Eliza, 0424 271 250 – Please make Angela welcome.


Our speaker today is James Wall from Garden World.


Birthdays: Believe it or not there are no birthdays in October, girls.


Welfare: Both Hina & her husband Wal recently spent a night in hospital with suspected pneumonia. As it turned out they both had extremely heavy colds. Thank goodness for small mercies, they are both home, and are well and truly on the mend.

Don’t forget, if you know of someone who is unwell, please let Joan (9750 6209) or Vija (9781 4635) know.



Our outing to the Vintage Clothing Museum last month was just so interesting, definitely worth the wait, and to top it off our lunch at the Manningham Hotel didn’t disappoint either. Many thanks, Ann, for booking these two venues, fabulous job.

17 Oct       Coffee Mornings: Accessories are Us with Vivienne Gallagher – nothing over $30 – Vivienne has

                 some wonderful stuff for sale, (start thinking Christmas girls).

24 Oct      Outing: Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Park, 220 Tyabb-Tooradin Road, Pearcedale – make

                 own way.  Lunch will be at own expense at Baxter Tavern (which we pass on the way home).

                 This is a carpool outing; leaving Karingal at 9.30am in convoy, we’ll have some morning tea

                 on arrival. There are animal encounters to be had if you want, (Please note: you pay extra on the

                 day for the animal encounters - eg: cuddle a koala, hold a barn owl, hold a python or play with

                 a dingo – approx. $20 or  more depending on which animal). If you can help with transport

                 please let Helen or Susan know - BOARD OUT



14 Nov     Speaker: Paul Lucas – Armchair Travel Photo Library.

21 Nov     Coffee Morning:  Pizza for lunch? – Lovely fresh pizzas delivered fresh from the shop down the road, $10

                 admission. – Ham and pineapple, Meatlovers, Aussie, Mexicana. – Any special requests?

                 GIRLS: I have put a board out for the pizza morning for you to register whether you intend to attend, and

                 what your pizza preferences would be. Please do us a favour and enter your name etc if you intend to

                 come, it makes it so much easier for us to cater.

28 Nov     Outing:  Lunch – (TBA)


12 Dec     No speaker for December

16 Dec       Outing: Christmas lunch at Norwood House.

                          PLEASE NOTE THE 16TH IS A MONDAY.    Details will be advised closer to the date.

19 Dec     Coffee Morning: Bargain Basement Pop-up-shop – last minute Christmas gifts.



Puzzle corner (with thanks to my free Coffee News): The answer to last month’s question: “What is the phonetic alphabet for U?” is Umbrella.



Question: “A combination of Iron-Chromium and Nickel makes what?” Answer next month – (Clue: one of the items this is used to make is used every day in every kitchen).




Wow, here’s something for you to put in your “stupid facts” basket:

  1. Milky Way bars aren’t named after the galaxy, they’re named after the malted milkshakes the bars were supposed to taste like.
  2. There is a verb “to pink” dating back to the 14th century which means “to decorate with a perforated pattern” hence today’s pinking shears.
  3. The average human body contains enough water to fill a 50 litre barrel, and enough fat to make seven bars of soap!
  4. The earth has travelled more than 5,000 miles in the last few minutes it’s taken you to read this Newsletter.
  5. Venus rotates so slowly on its axis that its day is longer than its year - (righto, righto, don’t ask me what this all means, or how do they know, I only copy this stuff!!)


Enjoy the meeting, ladies